Clowning Around: Dub’a At Fault Again?

After the clowns fall all around, the clean-up crew comes in and tries to mitigate the damage caused by ignorant and unthinking managers and employees.  Not satisfied with a chance to “man-up,” they look around for a way to shift the blame.  More on that later; for now, let’s look at the circus the GSA became back in 2010 and ask why we are just finding out about the extreme waste of our money — some of which involves paying bonuses to the boneheads (including managers) who planned the extravaganza of fools:

Awarding bonuses for wasting taxpayer dollars?

That appears to be incentive offered by the federal agency under fire for spending lavishly on a 2010 conference held near Las Vegas. The latest details from an inspector general report on the conference reveal 50 employees were given cash awards of $500 and $1,000 for their work arranging the now-infamous conference.

“It would also appear that a number of GSA bureaucrats who helped arrange the Las Vegas junket were handed cash bonuses for their work in wasting the better part of a million dollars,” Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., said Tuesday.

It looks as though, there is coöperation across party lines to get all the ducks in a row as it applies to the guilty parties and the amount of taxpayer money wasted on this party, by the party in charge, i.e. the Democratic party administration of Barack Obama:

Rep. Mica also revealed Tuesday that one high-ranking official spent an extra night in Vegas at taxpayer expense, even though the conference was already over.

Calling the new revelation the “icing on the cake,” Mica said the official paid only $93 for a fourth night at the Vegas suite, which costs more than $1,000 a night.

The rest of the cost of the room “was apparently charged to the taxpayer” he said in a statement.

Rep. Jeff Denham, chairman of a subcommittee on economic development, public buildings and emergency management, said adding “personal vacation stays in Vegas” to the spending by GSA on the Las Vegas conference was “outrageous.”

Where were these members of the federal legislature between the loss of all the taxpayer money in 2010 and when the matter was revealed this year (2012).  It is one thing for the administration of Barack Obama to appoint foolish and unqualified managers … it is another thing for our watchdogs to be so inefficient that they can’t bite a hot biscuit when it is pitched their way.

There is more to this story and this circus of fools and how they want to blame Bush II.

A circus tent from behind
A circus tent from behind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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