Draft Santa Fe Land Development Code (SLDC) Update

Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC) Draft Update

 Santa Fe County would like to provide an update and inform all residents about the current status of the Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC ).  The SLDC will implement the Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP) which was adopted by the Board in 2010. Santa Fe County has released the first four chapters of the SLDC and anticipates releasing the remaining Chapters to the Board of County Commissioners and to the public in the within the next few months. Santa Fe County would like to encourage all residents to participate in the public review process by reviewing the adopted SGMP since the SLDC will implement the plan.

The adopted SGMP and the  first four chapters of the Sustainable Land Development Code are available for review at www.santafecounty.org by clicking on Sustainable Land Development Code under Hot Topics or the direct link is www.santafecounty.org/growth_management/sldc.  Hard copies and CDs are also available at the County Administrative Building located at 102 Grant Ave.  Copies are also available at the County Satellite Offices (Pojoaque, Eldorado, Edgewood).

Santa Fe County is always seeking public input, public comment on these chapters can be submitted directly through the County website www.santafecounty.org/growth_management/sldc.

Thanks for your continued interest and participation in this process.

Robert Griego, Planning Manager

Santa Fe County Growth Management Department

102 Grant Avenue

Santa Fe, NM  87504

Phone:  986-6215

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