Scam Work For Illegal Aliens

President Barack Obama signs copies of his boo...

President Barack Obama signs copies of his book The Audacity of Hope at a town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana on economic recovery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This video was sent by Sandia Tea Party members Butch Stackpolie and Bob Steiner.

Audacity comes in many forms.  As you watch the video below, you will not recognize what our president has proffered in one of his books, i.e., The Audacity Of Hope.  What you will see should cause you to rise up and protest with reason AND anger.  Look at the audacity of our government for allowing this and then view the audacity of the illegal aliens as they defraud this nation. Click below::

The Audacity Of Dope(s)

If this doesn’t move people off of their recliners and into meetings to stop this kind of stuff, then nothing will.

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