Van Jones Fears The Tea Party — Again

Sandia Tea Party member Ralph Hill contributes the following:

Congrats to the tea parties!  While the liberal media and old school Republicans write off the Tea Parties as a minor political force, the progressive Democrats are suddenly quaking in their sandals.  Wisconsin shows us to be the sleeping tiger that has awoken.
Example of Van Jones recent speech (paraphrased):
Jones tells Netroots crowd that Tea Party is “decapitating unions” and will “decimate us.”
A blogger’s response to Van Jones:
Winston Churchill was wise to the ideas progressives promote when he said….”Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
It’s time for us to put our foot on the throat of the collectivist movement.  As stated by a blogger: ” The TEA Party is a grass-roots organization that loves Americans and America, period. We want, small govt, freedom and fiscal responsibility. Your (Van Jones’) lying again to the people, and for that, you will answer to God for your misdeeds. As far as Progressives go, yes, we plan to decimate that party, to wipe it out, but not the people in it. We will show you how, we will fix the debt, fix the govt, and ALL will prosper, and we will have not touched a hair on anyone’s head.”
Let’s get Larry Miller and Janice Arnold-Jones elected, and the progressive elitist Heinrich defeated.
Ralph Hill
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