Pelosi: Tardy and Foolhardy

Ah, Ms. Pelosi. Never one to miss an opportunity to twist and shout, now says she could have arrested Karl Rove at any given time. This when she was in charge of the House of Representatives. She now says she did not handcuff Mr. Rove because congress is not supposed to operate in that way. She does this in trying to give some strange cover for Eric Holder, Obama and others in the current administration.

Well, a pig’s rear is still pork, and you can tell Madame Flutter-Lips is still lying when her mouth is open. But it is a treat to know she is still lying and trying to convince the citizens of her omnipotence.

We believe congressional members seeking to get the truth of Fast and Furious, have been overly patient and should have started contempt proceedings against Mr. Holder when he was caught in his first lie. Ms. Pelosi seems not to care whether the parents and other loved ones of Agent Terry and others killed by the Fast and Furious arms will ever have the details of how their kin or friends came to be murdered by force of United States arms in the hands of Mexican cartel members.

Here’s Madame’s account of what she could have done. Just know skepticism is roaring into the doubt barrel:

Pelosi Policewoman

English: Seal of the Speaker of the United Sta...

English: Seal of the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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