Edgewood Chamber Friday Blast (6-22-2012)

  Friday Blast
              June 22, 2012

    Your Chamber,
Working for you…


Thanks Howard Calkins and Peg for a wonderful spread!
Our Mixer last night was in a perfect location for the first day of summer at Howard Calkins Miniature Horses.  It was great to see you there, and good to see some faces that haven’t been at mixers before!  Thanks to visitors from
East Mountain Chamber as well.


End of Trail
Founder’s Ranch

June 22-24
Don’t miss this international
shooting competition and fantastic family fun with entertainment, booths, great food and cowboys and cowgirls.
We will be at our Chamber booth Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Discount coupons are at the front Visitor’s Center at our building.

August 11
The 13th Anniversary of Edgewood, The Independent, and Rich Ford.
There will be parade entry forms this year.
All entry forms including Business Expo, Pronghorn Run, Motorcycle Poker Run, and Parade, etc are available at the Chamber.
If your child, grandchild, or adorable neighbor belongs to a Karate, Gymnastic or dance group, get in touch so that their classes can strut their stuff at the stage during Run Rally Rock near the Business Expo.
We sold $10 tickets, then built a grid at Rich Ford, and watched a live cow walk around until she deposited a “cow pie” in a square.
Last year we sold 250 tickets so we were able to award the holder of that square $1000 cash!  This year we will sell out all 500 tickets and the winner will receive $2,000 at the event on August 26!
We have tickets now, and they will be on sale at our End of Trail Chamber Booth this weekend, and at the Chamber office and other designated areas beginning on Monday.  Proceds go to help put on the COW awards in February of 2013, and  Edgewood Chamber projects.
Our final class in the six month Leadership Edgewood 2012 session ended yesterday, and the class is a fantastic group of community leaders!   Time has flown, and the class has picked up a huge amount of  information about how this community works.Graduation is July 13 at 6pm… stay tuned for details, as the entire membership is invited to participate.

We are presently accepting applications for Leadership Edgewood 2013. Stop by the office to talk about it if you’re interested.  Only 20 persons will be registered in the class, and we now have
6 registered and pre registering.  The 2013 session will begin in January.
    Area Happenings

This Friday Blast Section is reserved for your events or happenings in the area!  If you have an upcoming event or a special happening that you would like to see in the Blast, please email it to the office by Wednesday. Approved information will be reviewed and inserted in the Blast on the following Friday.
in the field to the West of
Rich Ford.
A wonderful Family Experience
Check back to find out what Movie will be shown.
Both events brought to you by
Edgewood Police Department
Keeping Edgewood Families Safe
A special Thanks to Traci Stephens and Chief Daniels  for their organization of these great community events!
The Edgewood Masonic Lodge is seeking donations for their annual Labor Day Yard Sale
Call 286-3953
to arrange to drop off donations.
The Masonic Lodge
works in our community to help school- aged children, with their programs including Bikes for Books,
and their Special Needs classroom
which offers classes for children, with a professional teacher at the lodge on Rt. 66 in Edgewood.
Special Publications by
The Independent
” Guide to theTricounty”
People and Places
ad sales close today.
It will be published June 27.
“Edgewood at 13”
Celebrating the triple anniversary of the Town of Edgewood, The Independent, and Rich Ford in Edgewood.
Publication July 25
Deadline for ads is
July 20 at 5pm
Call 286-1212 or
for more information or to reserve your ad space.
Don Anderson Dance
Some toe tapping, knee slapping fun 
Now in Edgewood
at East Mountain Dance Studio on Route 66 west of Sandia Trailers,  and Cedar Crest Fitness.
Check out upcoming classes!
Get info and/or Register now at
Auto Loans from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union with no payments or interest for 90 days and rates as low as 2.15%
Through August 31, 2012 buy new or used, or refinance from another lender to get this special offer, low rates, and flexible terms.  Get details and apply at www.slfcu.org,
or call 293-0500.  Payments of $14 per $1,000 borrowed at 3.05%APR for 84 months on approved credit.  Not everyone will qualify. 
Fight Inflation, Sell Avon!
No inventory, No Sales Quotas
Free Website, No Parties.
Training and support provided. Unlimited income potential.
A $10 bill will start your own business
For more information call or email
Karron Lee Smith, Avon ISR
No Obligation.
About Us 
Hours of Operation:
9:00am – 3:30pm

95 State Road 344 Ste 3
(Library/Chamber Bldg)
Edgewood, New Mexico
Phone Numbers:

info@ edgewoodchambernm.com
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Edgewood Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director:
Madeline Heitzman
Board of Directors
     Chris Hopper                   2013
Vice President:
      Misty Miller                     2013
      Patrick Thompson         2013
       Robin Markley                2013
Board Members at Large:


Ray Seagers                          2013
Saul Araque                           2013
Howard Calkins                    2012
Gary Birkman                        2012
Martha Eden                          2012




Membership:  Howard Calkins


Marketing:              Misty Miller


Political Affairs & By Laws:
Ray Seagers


Events:                 Committees
Education:                  Lisa Vigil
Programs:      Brenda Murray
Luncheons:     Linda Thomas
Edgewood Chamber
Board of Directors Meeting:
MondayJuly 9,
6:15pm Chamber Offices

Membership Luncheon:
Wednesday July 11,
11:30am at Edgewood Community Center.
Leadership Edgewood 2012
Friday July 13 6pmSpeaker:

Cabinet Secretary
New Mexico Economic Development Department
Jon Barela
Membership Invited
More details coming soon.

ECOC Mixer
Thursday July 19
5:30 to 7:30pm
Jenkin’s Tax Services


     Town of Edgewood

 meets First and Third Wednesdays of the month
at 6:30pm
Edgewood Community Center
Note: There will be no meeting on Wed July 4.
 Planning & Zoningmeets First and ThirdMondays of the month at6:00pmEdgewood Community Center.

Other Chambers:
East Mountain Chamber meets
the first Thursday of the month at
11:30am.  Call 281-1999 or
Moriarty Chamber meets
at noon the third Tuesday of the month at the Moriarty Civic Center.  Call 832-4087
Mountainair Chamber meets the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30am at the Shaffer Hotel. 847-2975 or
Overcoming Overwhelm:
The “One bite at a time” method is effective for overcoming overwhelm, a nervous condition often brought on by overloaded memory and characterized by paralysis of the decision-making muscles.
Overwhelm occurs when we become paralyzed by possibilities.  If you are in the throes of an Overwhelm attack – which can come on quite suddenly- sit down and take a few deep breaths (don’t forget to exhale). Then make a step-by-step list of whatever you absolutely must get done within the next hour. (And don’t waste time arguing that you don’t have the time to do this.  If you have time to panic, then you have time to make a little list.)
Focus only on your most immediate must-do’s.
You’ll feel your brain unfreezing as you proceed.
If you are a chamber member, you can leave your business cards, rack cards and flyers at the Visitors center inside the South door to the Library. Be sure to get your information over here. It’s part of your benefit as an Edgewood Chamber member!
Stop by the office to see Madeline if you have any questions , or call my cell 850-2523.
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Obama’s Immigration Train — Railroading Long-Term Process

The following is posted under the belief that the post falls under the Fair-Use doctrine.  It is posted for its educational and opinion value.  Further, exposure of the concepts espoused by the writer add value to public discourse and no renumeration to any degree is derived by the Sandia Tea Party, its officers or board.through the display of the information following:

A Presidential Mandate is No Way to Set Immigration Policy

By Daniel Garza
Published June 16, 2012
Fox News Latino

Today, the White House announced that it will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to young undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives.

Had the legislative process been honored rightly, I too would have cheerfully given my personal endorsement of the rule change. However, we don’t get to change law based on personal prerogatives because we are all, as Americans, duty bound to honor the legislative process outlined in our constitution. It was poorly done and political headwinds are sure to follow the president’s actions, which compromise an effective long-term policy approach to a desperately needed reform.

For many of us who are immigrants, or sons and daughters of immigrants, we value the American Dream, an opportunity to prosper in a country that values the rule of law. From what I have read thus far, this new initiative intends to partially achieve the goals of the so-called DREAM Act. It seems – given the timing and targeted constituency – a politically driven attempt to turn attention away from the lagging economy affecting the country at large, particularly Hispanics.

It’s not looking good, and it shows. With record job losses and unemployment, add to that a record number of deportations, this administration does not have much to latch on to with the Hispanic community. The majority of Hispanics, 53 percent, already believe that they have achieved the American Dream, but they are highly pessimistic about the next generation, with only 36 percent saying their children will be better off financially. While the policy shift is set to benefit an estimated 800,000 immigrant youth, it’s hard to tell if this initiative is in the least a partial solution to reversing the economic crisis.

Hispanics have been disproportionately affected with an 11 percent unemployment rate compared to 8.2 percent nationwide and it’s taking a political toll on the administration’s chances with Hispanics this November. But what is worse than the obvious political posturing to a critical voting bloc, is that this brazen attempt to collect votes in an election year undermines the rule of law.

Immigration policies should be market driven, not politically motivated. The foundation of individual liberty is rule of law, not what is politically expedient. More importantly, federal immigration reform must be hammered out by those elected by the people to be our voice in Congress, not the act of one person. It is pandering, it is dangerous, and it is not the American way.

While I would be the first to argue that the current law is broken and must be reformed, we must resist the temptation to blindly applaud the means. This act is a clear violation of the separation of powers, even when we agree with the intended end. The president’s actions ignore constitutional limitations, single handedly bypasses Congress, and ignores current immigration law.

At one point the president agreed. During a Univision town hall in Washington, D.C. in March 2011, he stated he could not act unilaterally on this matter, “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed.” He was right to say so. Yet today, he asserts this conduct without regard to constitutional limitations.

While it is true that our country could stand to benefit from a talented labor pool of young, law-abiding immigrants that contribute to a vibrant economy, it should be effective and long-term in its scope, and it must be done right.

Daniel Garza is Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative and former Associate Director at the Office of Public Liaison for The White House. You can learn more about The LIBRE Initiative by visiting their website at The Libre Initiative – AN ORGANIZATION FOR ECONOMIC FREEDOM – Daniel Garza


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