WasserMouth Invested — Boy, Did She Invest

The Chairperson of the DNC just keeps churning it out and letting her alligator mouth overload her hummingbird rear … time after time.  And why wouldn’t she …  she can’t help herself.  There’s nothing original in her pale pate and she seems to struggle to find anything of real value to her party with her retreaded diatribes.

She has taken great delight in repeating the standard Democratic lies about Romney and his alleged outsourcing of jobs and just recently, she has criticized him for investing in foreign firms.  Generally a skunk smells its own stink first, but then we are talking about constant odors when the DNC boss opens her mouth.

Let us see what this lady woman has tossed her money toward:

Ms. Prim & Proper’s Foreign Investments

“A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion” by Thomas Nast. Harper’s Weekly, January 19, 1870. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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