Obama: Champ Of Chump Stimulus Outsourcing

Chump outsourcing because the outsourcing to locations costing American jobs are mostly, if not all, dismal failures. While some of these failures connect to other stimulus failures in the United States, unfortunately they most tell the tale of a wrecked Obama administration investing taxpayer dollars overseas, while this same administration tries to attack Romney for his alleged investment of private funds in overseas locations.  And, they aren’t interested in whether Romney’s investment yielded returns … they just want to turn the heat up, while they hide behind their stimulus failures

Here’s an interesting link showing extensive information on some of Obama’s failures outside the United States.  Send it to your progressive friends if you wish.

Women’s DC Project Link To Obama Overseas Failure

Be sure to click on this link which is on the site.

Tracing Obama’s Overseas Stimulus Investments

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Thanks For The Painting


This artist says he almost did not paint The Forgotten Man because he thought it too controversial.  We should be glad he forged ahead and happy the progressives have had a kitten or two and a series of conniption fits as a result of the painting being displayed on the web..

John McNaughton’s: The Forgotten Man

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