Reason #14 To Defeat Barack Obama

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Reason # 14 to Defeat Barack Obama: “You didn’t build that

 Barack Obama is now famous for saying to hard-working American businessmen and -women:  “If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that – somebody else made that happen.”It seems he has a similar attitude toward the unborn.vicfund-donate-sq-052312Obama is the most pro-abortion President in American history.  His support for keeping partial-birth abortions and sex-selection abortions legal is not only far out of the American mainstream, it’s off-the-charts out of the mainstream.

Every life a miracle

Every new life growing in the womb is a miracle deserving of our protection.  But Barack Obama believes that any little unborn baby boy or girl can be put to death.

He might as well be saying:  You have life now, you didn’t create that – somebody else made that happen.

Sure, the baby threatened by abortion didn’t “create” his or her own life.  We know the miracle that created him or her was a gift.  But that doesn’t give Obama the right to push policies that kill the baby.

His is an ideology that borders on madness.

At the National Right to Life Victory Fund, we have our own message for the President:  You didn’t build this country.  Millions of other people did, with their toil, their sweat, and too often, with their blood.  And you’re not going to take our values away.  

We the American people are going to create something, Mr. President, a renewal of American values, of respect for life.  And we’re starting November 6th.   

Every American who is concerned with the direction our country is heading should share this message with every one of their friends and acquaintances.  Please ask them to help us defeat Barack Obama by contributing to the NRL Victory Fund and by forwarding this message to their friends, as well.

Thank you for all you do for the cause of life and for helping build an America we can all be proud of again!

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life

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