Parenting, Homeschooling and The UN — Bad Mix


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Logo of the Home School Legal Defense Association. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A United Nations (UN) treaty proposal has homeschooling parents protesting the treaty as a usurpation of their rights as parents to educate their special needs children in a way that will serve their children far better than any government program. If you are the parent, guardian or other relative of such a child or children, then you might want to keep up with this issue as it wends through our legislative process.  Check below for more information::

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities is a treaty that many believe “surrenders U.S. sovereignty to unelected UN bureaucrats and will threaten parental control over children with disabilities.”

According to The Hillthe Senate Foreign Relations Committee was scheduled to hold the markup for the treaty on Thursday, but after hearing these legitimate complaints, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint (R) delayed consideration of the treaty for another week.

So, according to the above, there is concern.  But as the story continues, we find there is support on both sides of the aisle. Read on:

“Parts of this treaty deals with abortion and the rights of children, issues that should be addressed by states, local governments and American parents not international bureaucrats,” DeMint spokesman Wesley Denton told The Hill. “Senator DeMint strongly opposes this treaty, as the United States is already the world leader in addressing the needs of the disabled and it’s foolish to think Americans need to sign away our sovereignty to exert our influence around the world.”

The Hill reports the the treaty has bipartisan support in the Senate, with Republicans like Sens. John Barrasso (R-WY) and John McCain (R-AZ) in support along with Democrats like Sen. John Kerry (D-MA). They argue that the treaty would extend protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act abroad.

McCain and others like him, seem always willing to pass our rights to others less able to protect us. Hardly anything the UN proposes has our best interests as a goal. All one has to do to find the truth in the foregoing statement is to look at the compositions of the human rights commission and similar commissions to see that the foxes are watching the chicken coops. Opponents are saying our rights are being deteriorated … not enhanced.

“If the Senate ratifies this treaty, it would be the first time ever that the U.S. has ratified a treaty that obligates us to recognize economic, social, and cultural entitlements as rights under domestic law,” The Home School Legal Defense Association wrote.

Santorum — and his wife Karen — expressed similar concerns about how the treaty would empower unelected international bureaucrats.

“The [UN treaty] would usurp the rights and powers of parents here in the United States to do what is best for their special needs child by placing the law of the UN above the rights of the parents,” Rick and Karen Santorum said in a statement. “It is the job of our elected representatives to preserve these rights, not hand them off to unaccountable international bureaucrats.”

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