Friday Blast
              August 3,  2012

    Your Chamber,
Working for you…

Our Luncheon is this coming Wednesday at 11:30 at the Community Center.
Luncheon is Baked Potato Bar, Fruit and Cookies.
We will be awarding the Bill Gilmore Scholarships to the winners at this luncheon.  Please stop by to support these exceptional young people.

August 11
The 13th Anniversary of Edgewood,
The Independent, and
Rich Ford
The Full Schedule of events
is on the back cover of the Telegraph’s Magazine this week:
Edgewood at 13,
and in the second section of this week’s Telegraph.
Deadlines for entries imminent:
Business Expo Deadline
Today, Friday August 3 by 5pm
Parade Deadline
Monday May 6 at 5pm
NOTE: The parade will be judged this year and prizes awarded to
Best Float
Best alignment with theme
(Kicking the Can along Route 66)
Most enthusiastic
You will receive a number for your float and a line-up position.
Floats without numbers will not be elegible for awards or prizes.
We are looking at a Hot Air Balloon Glow before the Fireworks start.
Burnin’ Bridges in Concert from 5pm to Fireworks (weather permitting).
So much fun… don’t miss
Edgewood’s Big Birthday Party


All entry forms including Business Expo, Pronghorn Run, Motorcycle Poker Run, and Parade, etc are also available at the Chamber, or online at www.edgewoodchambernm.com


Our winner walked off with $1000 CASH on the day the cow left a “pie” on his square!
We are selling $10 tickets, then building a grid at Rich Ford, and watching Ethel the live cow walk around until she deposits a “cow pie” in a square.
Last year we were able to award the holder of that square $1000 cash! This year we will sell out all 500 tickets and the
winner will receive $2,000
at the event on
August 26 at RICH Ford!
Tickets available at
Rich Ford, Mail and Copy, The Edgewood Police Department, Farm Bureau Financial, and the Chamber office. Board Members also have tickets for sale. There are only 500 tickets available. so get yours now!
Proceeds go to help put on the COW awards in February of 2013, and Edgewood Chamber projects.

Centennial Blast
September 22
at Founder’s Ranch
We are looking for quilts to hang on the walls for the Centennial event.
Please consider bringing yours to the chamber office to help us decorate in the period of 1912.
Our annual banquet, auction and dance will take place on September 22nd at Founder’s Ranch, part of SASS.
The theme will be a celebration of
New Mexico’s 100 years as a state.
More to come.
Leadership Edgewood 2013

We are presently accepting applications for Leadership Edgewood 2013. Stop by the office to talk about it if you’re interested. Only 20 persons will be registered in the class, The 2013 session will begin in January.
    Area Happenings
This Friday Blast Section is reserved for your events or happenings in the area!  If you have an upcoming event or a special happening that you would like to see in the Blast, please email it to the office by Wednesday. Approved information will be reviewed and inserted in the Blast on the following Friday.

Estancia Valley Classical Academy Foundation invites you to attend the 2nd Great Tradition BBQ
Sunday August 12, at McCall’s Pumpkin Patch
in Moriarty.  Gates open at 5:30pm.
A Fundraiser for the school.
Tickets are $50 per person, Checks payable to EVCA Foundation.
The Annual Town of Edgewood
Pet Expo and Adoption Festival
Saturday August 18th from 10am to 4pm
At the Edgewood Soccer Field
North of Edgewood Elementary School.
Multiple agencies and fun booths for you and your pets.
Silent Auction to raise money for the Edgewood Animal Care Facility.
All proceeds go towards the construction of an animal care
Movie Night
August 18 2012
at 7:45
Edgewood Soccer Park
Movie:  How to Train a Dragon
Bring your lawn chairs or blankets and join the Edgewood Police Department for a relaxing evening of fun!
It’s fundraising time for the Edgewood Mobile Food Pantry.
Please consider
you can give a family
50 lbs of food for only $5.00
Call Robin Prudencio 259-4824
or Renee Willes 506-4900
Feeling Tongue tied?

If you are ready to take on the challenge to
become a better speaker, listener, and leader,
be our guest at East Mountain Toastmasters.
Every Thursday at 6:00 pm

Where: El Comedor restaurant in Moriarty
Contact: Don DuBois
Phone: 321-9590
Website: http://5327.toastmastersclubs.org/


Welcome to our newest members,
Joe and Joyce
from TRYed by FIRE MUSIC
in Edgewood.
(Lights Sound Action!)
They will be hosting the events on our Run Rally & Rock Family Section…and if you can’t wait until August 11, you can visit them at their new location for a wonderful Karaoke time right here in Edgewood! They are located in the Edgewood Plaza in George Court, just down from Subway. They open at 6pm daily from Tuesday through Saturday evenings.
Don Anderson Dance
Some toe tapping, knee slapping fun 
Now in Edgewood
at East Mountain Dance Studio on Route 66 west of Sandia Trailers,  and Cedar Crest Fitness.
Check out upcoming classes!
Get info and/or Register now at
Auto Loans from Sandia Laboratory Federal Credit Union with no payments or interest for 90 days and rates as low as 2.15%
Through August 31, 2012 buy new or used, or refinance from another lender to get this special offer, low rates, and flexible terms.  Get details and apply at www.slfcu.org,
or call 293-0500.  Payments of $14 per $1,000 borrowed at 3.05%APR for 84 months on approved credit.  Not everyone will qualify. 
About Us 
Hours of Operation:
9:00am – 3:30pm
95 State Road 344 Ste 3
(Library/Chamber Bldg)
Edgewood, New Mexico
Phone Numbers:

info@ edgewoodchambernm.com
Join us on Facebook
Just search:
Edgewood Chamber of Commerce
Executive Director:
Madeline Heitzman
Board of Directors
     Chris Hopper                   2013
Vice President:
      Misty Miller                     2013
      Patrick Thompson         2013
       Robin Markley                2013
Board Members at Large:
Ray Seagers                          2013
Saul Araque                           2013
Howard Calkins                    2012
Gary Birkman                        2012
Martha Eden                          2012

Membership:  Howard Calkins
Marketing:              Misty Miller
Political Affairs & By Laws:
Ray Seagers
Events:                 Committees
Education:                  Lisa Vigil
Programs:      Brenda Murray
Luncheons:     Linda Thomas
Edgewood Chamber

Board Meeting
Monday August 6,
Chamber Offices
Wednesday August 8
Award Bill Gilmore Scholarships
Baked Potato Bar

Fresh Fruit


Triple Crown Corporate Partners for 2012:
Rich Ford


Town of Edgewood

 meets First and Third Wednesdays of the month
at 6:30pm
Edgewood Community Center
 Planning & Zoningmeets First and ThirdMondays of the month at6:00pmEdgewood Community Center.

Other Chambers:
East Mountain Chamber meets
the first Thursday of the month at
11:30am.  Call 281-1999 or
Moriarty Chamber meets
at noon the third Tuesday of the month at the Moriarty Civic Center.  Call 832-4087
Mountainair Chamber meets the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30am at the Shaffer Hotel. 847-2975 or
How Unselfish Thinking
can make you more successful:
Unselfish thinking can often deliver a return greater than any other kind of thinking.
1. Unselfish thinking brings personal fulfillment
Few things in life bring greater personal rewards than helping others.  Charles H. Burr believed, “Getters generally don’t get happiness; givers get it”.  Helping people brings great satisfaction.
2. Unselfish thinking adds value to others
“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has enjoyed the trust and the respect of intelligent men and women, and the love of little children; who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty or failed to express it; who has alwas looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; whose life was an inspiration, whose memory a benediction.”
-Bessie Anderson Stanley
If you are a chamber member, you can leave your business cards, rack cards and flyers at the Visitors center inside the South door to the Library. Be sure to get your information over here. It’s part of your benefit as an Edgewood Chamber member!

Stop by the office to see Madeline if you have any questions , or call my cell 850-2523.


Our Pal Al

The following, except for my comments, comes from Breitbart and their contributor, Lindsay Leveen.

English: Al Gore's Hearing on Global Warming

English: Al Gore’s Hearing on Global Warming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You remember Al Gore.  Remember the awards he received, the sermons of environmentalism he preached and the promises he made.  Well, as we might have known, his words and sanctimonious attitude didn’t mean much:

Al Gore published a book, made a movie, and won a Nobel Peace prize for his thesis on global warming.  The unfortunate thing is he then entered into the venture capital world and brought upon us expensive Betamax technology such as the Fisker Automobile and the Bloom Energy Fuel Cell.

Had Al stopped at the movie or just winning the Nobel prize he may never had to face the most fundamental laws of thermodynamics that unfortunately for him, his investors, his political party, his Washington friends, and the US tax payers as a whole disproved his whole notion that cheap electric cars would proliferate and cheap electric power for these electric cars would be generated in his fuel cells.

Gore wanted more … more money, more fame and more ordinary recognition which might have kept him in pure light, had his motives been less self-centered.  Unfortunately for Gore and his supporters, thermodynamics bumped into his expectations.  Seems you can fool humans, but science can only be manipulated for a short time until facts fall down around the manipulators ears and light comes to bare the lie and reveal the truth.  Here’s what Leveen says next:

I learned thermodynamics while at Iowa State University and I wrote academic papers on the subject. I wrote a book that is university text at almost the same time Al was winning acclaim for his book and his matters green.  A few thousand university students and a few hundred laypeople have read my book and learned the fundamental yet inconvenient truth that the second law of thermodynamics allows nothing to come for free.

I reached out to the US Senate to plead with them based on thermodynamics that much money would be wasted on lithium ion batteries and on fuel cells.  My testimony had to be provided as outside witness testimony as I did not have the political connection and my Congresswoman simply ignored me.  But at least I provided that testimony 30 months ago and foretold how thermodynamics would prevail and much money and time would be wasted.

Leveen says his audience in the Senate and his Congresswoman would have none of his knowledge, as is often the way of lawmakers and watchdogs within our legislative bodies.  What happened next could have been headed off at the onset of Gore’s journey to nothing:

Fast forward. Bloom Energy may yet see 884 as its fatal number.  Fisker is on its last legs and their Delaware project is Dead On Arrival. Fisker’s battery supplier A 123 is almost out of electrons and has taken on toxic financing. This is after A 123 had already received $129 million in US DOE grants.

Fisker and Bloom lead A 123 by a few months in the toxic financing arena with their association with Advanced Equities, a firm that is now under SEC investigation.  Valence Technology and Ener1 two other US advanced lithium ion battery manufacturers are already bankrupt.

Finally Wall Street has caught onto Tesla being a mirage, and within a year we will all be talking about the $500 million wasted by the DOE on Tesla.

If we look and understand, we can see an unheralded hero in Mr. Leveen.  It is sad ignoramuses that let their love of power get in the way of veracity … such is the way of charlatans and hypocrites.  Here’s the rest of the piece:

 As for me, I can sadly say I told you so, but these numerous examples of rapid and massive waste of taxpayers’ money makes me even sadder as we still import oil from horrible countries. Had Steven Chu really learned his thermodynamics he would have told his boss about the real inconvenient truth. Instead he either intended that the US should fail, or that hope could overcome the second law of thermodynamics. As he won a real Nobel Prize in low temperature physics, he had to know that hope could not prevail, which then leaves me to think he had no interest in the USA formulating and executing a viable energy policy and that he wanted failure as he had no interest in us succeeding.

Al Gore did not understand the basics of thermodynamics and he is simply a greedy politician who wants admiration from crowds of followers. He and his VC friends are now out of money and time for the junk and expensive technology they promoted.  They are all out of friends and free money from the taxpayers. Their IPOs are postponed or cancelled as Wall Street has learned of the inconvenient truth of thermodynamics. Their only remaining hope is to use pay day loan sharks to keep their green-tech hopes alive.

Ivan Boesky and Mike Milken brought us junk bonds. Al Gore, Kleiner Perkins, and the US DOE brought us junk science. Ivan and Mike had to sit it out for a while. I wonder if Al and Steve will ever be held accountable or they will just manage to blame it all on bad luck or the previous administration.

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