TingleBoy & AxleCrude Manage To Increase Their Lies


Chris Matthews, AKA Tingle Boy, never tires of playing the incredulous progressive when he criticizes the conservative movement.  The examples in the article posted below illustrate his inability to  bite his tongue when he displays his ignorance of truth.

Then there is AxleCrude, who has one wheel off and his axle dragging when he tries to explain why he believes Obama is not a big fat 0 (zero) when it comes to real accomplishments on his mostly progressive/socialist goals.  I suppose we should be pleased Obama faces certain retirement in November, but it is still tiring to hear the constant drumbeat of lies from this administration and its lackey main scream media.

Accuracy In Media and Roger Aronoff report the latest strange attempts by Matthews and Axlerod as they try to explain away their inconsistencies. Read the narrative and watch the video by clicking the link below:

TingleBoy & AxleCrude Tell It Like It Ain’t