Is it they don’t know him, or just don’t want to admit they know him ….

 Is it they don’t know him, or just don’t want to admit they know him ….

A new poll out by Suffolk University tacks an unusual tack, polling nonvoters on what they think and why they are unlikely to vote. The poll’s press release highlights the fact that nonvoters lean heavily towards Obama, 43-14%, with 23% favoring a third party candidate. In other words, they are a “treasure chest” for the incumbent if they could somehow get motivated.

I struck (sic) by one particular finding in the poll though: It said 64% of those polled said they keep with “what’s going on with the government most or some of time.” So they claim they are not dumb, just not interested in voting for whatever reason.

But the poll also found that 61% could not correctly name Joe Biden as the current vice president. Even assuming that the 61% figure included the 36% that copped to not keeping up with the news that still means that 28% of those who claim to keep up with the news cannot identify the vice president.

I dunno, but do you think maybe they are exaggerating when they say they are following the news?

I suspect a plethora of democrats drawn from the interview pool — how else to explain the brain drain?

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