400 Like It Enough To Stake Their Reputations For Their Support

The Return of the Prodigal Son

The Return of the Prodigal Son (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We speak of Mitt Romney’s economic plan when we say, “it.”  More than a few journals and online magazines have come out  to favor Romney’s  economic plan.  This story came out at least four days past, but it escaped my old and rheumy eyes or I was at an unfair advantage because the main phelm media just  did not publish the endorsements.

Or perhaps the main screamers only publish Obama’s pap and leave Romney’s good news out of the picture.  Of course, the latter is true, except during rare synapses among their nerves, muscles and/or glands when they can tear themselves away from what has become their prodigal son.  The latter (prodigal son) being what he and his crazed media folks fail to realize.

Here’s a story to read about the stalwart 400.  Click the link below:

400 Economists