It’s A Trick; Or Is It

English: Cover of the February 17, 1933 (vol. ...

English: Cover of the February 17, 1933 (vol. 1 issue 1), first issue of News-Week magazine (now Newsweek). The issue features seven photographs from the week’s news on the cover. Featured are: Adolf Hitler, Franklin Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, Franz von Papen. The issue has 32 pages and cost 10 cents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ll need to follow the link below to determine the reference the reference to the headline of this article:

Hit The Road Jack, er Barack.

The above link has the work Jack and “er,” added by myself, while the other words and the image belongs to the magazine represented by the cover.

I am not a fan of Newsweak,  Newsweek … and I doubt I will ever be.  I favor being a detractor of the rag that used to be a decent representation of a news magazine.  That representation was many years ago and my respect and regard for what appears now is just empty contemplation.  Here’s the link to the full article. See what you think:

More Hit The Road

This may be the start of something new, or the end of something new.  Actually, it could be both.  Conservatives might cross their fingers.