Doper Fan Duping Obama?

English: Carmelo Anthony, former college baske...

English: Carmelo Anthony, former college basketball player for the Syracuse Orange. Was a member of Syracuse’s 2003 NCAA National Championship team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wanting to be known by the people he hangs with … Barack Hangs With A Supporter Of Dope Dealing:

From The Weekly Standard:

This evening in New York City, President Obama will be fundraising with “NBA heroes,” according to his spokesman. Those “heroes” include Michael Jordan (who is also a failed baseball player), Patrick Ewing, Alonzo Mourning, and, perhaps most interestingly, Carmelo Anthony.

Anthony helped make the pro-drugs YouTube video called “Stop Snitchin.”

“Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony is featured in an underground DVD that is circulating in his hometown of Baltimore, Md,” the Denver Channel reported.

The DVD is called “Stop Snitching” and shows alleged drug dealers talking about what happens to people who cooperate with the police, and Anthony is standing next to one of them.

He is also seen on the DVD talking about his Olympic bronze medal and saying that he threw it in a lake. The man he stands next to later goes on to tell how he would take care of snitches by “putting a hole in their head.” However, Anthony does not appear to be taking part in that portion of the discussion.

You can see the original information and part of the  explicit video by following the link below:

Some Of Obama’s Funders

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