God Out — Taxpayer Paid Abortions In


Gestational age may determine which abortion m...

Gestational age may determine which abortion methods are practiced. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are writing of the Democratic platform with its knot-filled planks allowing God to slip through the cracks and expectations for tax paying citizens to pay for lack of responsibility on the abortion seekers part.

There is much more coming from the Democrats of this time which will cause freedom loving, God-fearing and patriotic Americans to pause and wonder how a political party which had laid claim as the standard-bearer for justice, liberty and equal rights for all, could over time become rotten to the core.

Here’s some reading material which reports or explains what and how the Democrats gutted innocent life and allowed their psyche to bubble and boil to become a distasteful acrid soup of evil:

Democratic Platform On God

Taxpayer Paid Abortions

How about their treatment of an ally that has stood with us for many years.   Follow the link just below to see how they have treated Israel:

Israel, So What?

The Democrats now say, “The government is the thing we all belong to.  Such a thing was once a source of pride until Obama came along to “fundamentally change this country.”  There might have been something we could all belong to, were it not for the progressive socialist aspects of his ideas of hope and change:

Now A Broken Link

There’s more when you can read more Democratic planks, which if pursued and passed as legislation or regulation, can mean the demise of this country as a Republic.

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