Fact-Checking Our First Black President


Come on. Stay with me here.  I’m not referring to Obama,  I’m speaking of Billy Jeff Clinton, the fellow that wore the appellation proudly during his stint as POTUS.  Toni Morrison, the award-winning black author for one, gave him the title when she wrote to defend Clinton against accusations committed, not only during his office, but committed physically in his office, or close to it.  Here’s the link to Ms. Morrison’s article published October 5, 1998 in The Atlantic Monthly:

We Ponder What Is … Is

Now, Bubba as he was affectionately, or otherwise known, has propped up Obama on his (Obama’s) run for a second term as POTUS.  During his speech on Wednesday (9-5-2012) Clinton mentioned all the great and wonderful things Obama has done in the best traditions of this country.  The problem with the portrait painted of Obama by Clinton is the paint was not dry when the accolades were given. In other words,  everything Clinton posited about POTUS was fact-checked and found wanting  for truth.

Here’s is one article which checked the veracity from Brother Bill and his glorifying speech:

Standing Before The Lectern Of Lies

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