Outsourcing Within Using Chinese Firms

Since this POTUS let stimulus bucks out of the fiat money printing corral, a lot of work came for workers in the United States.  But were all the jobs filled by Americans, and were the firms filling openings American firms?

The answers to both questions is no and many billions of fiat money was paid to Chinese State owned firms for construction of roads and bridges.  This information was first reported back in July of this year, but it bears telling again given the ridiculous claims of our POTUS and his administration leading up to and during the Democratic convention.

Loss of jobs for Americans is one factor for not hiring and paying foreign firms, but this sort of stupidity has a serious impact on our monetary balance with a serious competitor. Click the link below and follow any related links in order to see why our workers are idle and our money is not turning around in our country:

Outsourcing From Within

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