You Future Will Depend On The Outcome Of This Process

The following is submitted by Jerry Powers, a local land-use activist.  Please attend as requested.

The biggest change in Santa Fe County law in the last 30 years is underway.

The County has finally released the draft of the draft of the new zoning/ land use code “SLDC”.

The code was just released within the last two weeks, yet the headline on the independent this week is “County Ready to Pass Code”.

This code will affect literally every area of our lives for the next 20-30 years. It will determine and set new zoning which determines how and IF you can use your land for the purposes you intend, will affect the cost of housing (the most recent article in the Independent, County officials are admitting that it will raise the cost of development and therefore housing). This new code is a totally new concept and change from existing land-use laws.

Given this, the Southern Santa Fe County Landowners Association will commence weekly meetings at Stanley for the next month or so to determine the unintended consequences and potential negative impacts of this code on our area and to be able to have some influence over the outcome. Given the short timeframe, it will take all of us to do an adequate analysis of the Code.

The first meeting is scheduled for this coming Tuesday (tomorrow) as follows:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 6:00 PM

Stanley Community Center

13 W. Kinsell Ave.

Stanley, New Mexico.

Please attend! We need your input!!

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