Bishop E.W. Jackson Makes The Plea …

Yes, the plea for Black Democrats to come in from the darkness provided by the tent of modern-day slavery furnished by the Democratic Party:

It wouldn’t harm the white and yellow Democrats to consider the Bishop’s message.

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POTUS 2007: Praises Rev. Wright and Adopts Affectation


Decide for yourself what the now President Obama meant when he was first a candidate for POTUS.  Were his targets justified and what about his silly speech affectation.  Was that the black-half trying to gin-up some sort of false dialectic loyalty from the mostly black audience.  Was he not confident in his white-half’s ability to deliver his message (whatever it really was) and how about the praise slathered on Reverend Jeremiah Wright, which was  withdrawn not long after giving the extra-ordinary compliments.  Perhaps he should have counted on his whole being to serve him in good stead?

Follow the link below to read a story about his sorry performance and be sure to watch the 36 minute video at the end of the article:

The POTUS & His Diatribe

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