Really? A Real Jobs Picture?

While future President Mitt Romney said something similar to the following during his first debate with our soon to be former president, Barack Obama, something very similar has been said decades before.  Take a gander at the following:

  • Every man has a right to his own opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.
English: Hilda Solis speaks as the newly annou...

English: Hilda Solis speaks as the newly announced U.S. Secretary of Labor as President-elect Barack Obama looks on (at far left is announced U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk) Licensing: Category:Images of Barack Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can follow the link to see Daniel Patrick Moynihan was not the first to use the words to set some errant speaker on a straighter path. But this short piece with a link to a larger story is about Mitt Romney in a peripheral way.  It is mostly about Hilda Solis and the bean counters keeping track of our employment unemployment figures of our federal “givernment.”

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics issued a lot of so-called employment data posing as factual detail.  However, there are many among the conservatives and thinking Democrats scoffing at the information offered by our Labor Secretary .Hilda Solis.  You decide after reading the article linked below, along with “related articles,” found after.

Fact Check On Jobs Increase

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