Now One Courageous Journalist Is Mopping The Floor With Obama’s Bubbles

Not only the above, but she is bursting his bubble-headed idea that all Americans are gullible, and like a pelican, have let everything fishy slide down their gullet. This courageous  person has faced adversity in the worst possible way .. now she is trying to uncover Obama’s lies about the Taliban being subdued.  We should honor Lara Logan for her honor.

Please access the video link found below and read any related articles posted at the bottom after the video:

Watch The Uncovered Truth

ObamaCare In One Long sentence

This is supposed to be a long sentence which explains ObamaCare in one sentence, but it seems like a sentence to a life of being poor by government edict:

Sorry about the poor quality of the video, but there is no admission charge.


Coburn’s Little Book Of Waste

Senator Tom Coburn’s revealing little book of waste brought on by your government.  Actually, it is 200 pages of serious wasteage description.

Big Waste

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Obama’s So-Called Environmental Plans

Jim Crawford sent the link posted below.  It involves Obama’s wish list of environmental regulations he will push if he is reelected.  There is a cost to all of us should his agenda come to fruition,

As an example, he will set out to regulate farm dust in such a manner as to severely curtail farming operations which will bring added expense to our dinner table and effect the livelihood enjoyed by the farmers and their families.

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Obama’s Delayed  Wish List

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Let ’em Win or Bring ’em Home

We’ve thought the thoughts that are in Charlie Daniel’s song since I was a preteen, but especially as they apply to Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  Sometimes it seems our President and Congress aren’t paying attention and have allowed our men and women to be sacrificed in wars they do not intend to win because they (the politicians) have not the courage to fight the wars to win.  Since I believe they are more concerned about so-called collateral damage than they are about the lives of our military protectors, here’s the video that Charlie Daniels has made:

Bring ’em Home

We hope you’ll give considered thought to this message from Mr. Daniels and ask our Lord to guide us to real victory instead of the charade we are now executing and to bless each active service member, veteran and Moms and Dads that have lost their brave defenders.

Special Movie Preview: Hating Breitbart


If you don’t know who Breitbart is/was  and what he stood for, then you’ve been unconscious for a while.  Please wake up and watch the special preview by clicking on the link above.  It is 20+ minutes in duration.

Why You Can’t Depend On People (Can You Guess Their Politics)

Well, I can’t either.  I could hazard a guess, but I “guess” I won’t.  This came from Jimmy Kimmel and then to us through New Mexico Watchdog and Rob Nikolewski

commenting on last Tuesday’s Romney/Obama debate before it happend

You just never know … but I guess you can “guess.”