Union Registers Non-Citizens To Vote In Nevada

In the land of Nevada, home of Harried Hapless Harry, a Senator of which the entire nation can be ashamed; a culinary union someplace in Las Vegas, has been caught with their knives dull and tongues and pens sharp.  So sharp, they were able to threaten and cajole a couple of hapless illegal immigrants to sign-up to vote as citizens.  Of course there could have been more than a couple, but we have been told of two for certain.The story doesn’t stop there and we see similar actions by different unions happening across this nation.

In our opinion, it makes distrustful any politician that has accepted endorsements and money from several unions.  Okay, how about distrustful and more than a little suspect.  Then if those same politicians love and support abortion and other progressive ideals, I’m concerned as to their fitness to represent myself and other Christians I count as my brothers and sisters.

It is certainly something to consider as we go to the last day in this election cycle.  More, it is something to keep in the front of our minds when we consider all the candidates we have running for all our state and federal offices.

When you New Mexico residents cast your vote tomorrow, save yourself a lot of thought and anguish and vote straight Republican for all the open offices starting with President on down to the lowest office open for grabs.

Now, just click on the link just below and read the story about the Nevada union mentioned above and don’t forget to read any related article following:

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2 thoughts on “Union Registers Non-Citizens To Vote In Nevada

  1. Gee, where are those UN poll watchers when you need them? The unions in this story make the Black Panthers in Philly in ’08 look like child’s play.

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