The Tale Of The Email Trail

There are pesky emails flowing and floating around formerly secret repositories, but they mean little to those who support and defend Obama.  They give evidence of POTUS’s involvement in failed energy loans to companies, eventually proving the lack of value attached to them.

It is doubtful mainscream media types will even read the emails … much less report on any aspect of the sorry details formerly locked away from the eyes of the public.

Here is a link to one story about the shameful details of the alleged involvement of POTUS and VPOTUS, along with powerful administration officials::

High-Level Direct Involvement In Approval Of Energy Loans?

It is almost a given the second four years of Obama’s presidency will be more of his first four years.  A sad tribute to those who may have tossed their votes away wishing for  treasures where only dregs rest in the bottom of a cracked bowl.