Time To Lose The Conservative Crying Jag

It has been almost three weeks since the last election fiasco.  At least, conservatives see it as a fiasco, and there is hope that the progressives and other shallow-thinking political types will bend down under the weight and challenge of Obama’s big government largesse within the next two years … if not before.

Are there lessons we can take from mistakes made during the last campaign?  Maybe.  But more perhaps, there are lessons we can take from events across the great watery deep in or from an entity known as Great Britain.  One writer from Great Britain seems sure that we can learn from the return to conservatism in that challenged kingdom made up of different Peoples and places.

Follow the link below to see if you agree:

Are There Lessons From Great Britain

Barack Obama rebounding the ball in a game of ...

Barack Obama rebounding the ball in a game of basketball with U.S. military personnel in Djibouti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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