Thanks From Santa Fe County Regarding SLDC

Seal of Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Seal of Santa Fe County, New Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The information found below is self-explanatory to those involved with the Agenda 21 and other “sustainability,” issues inside the unincorporated portions of Santa Fe County.

Dear community members,

On behalf of the County, thank you for taking the time to provide comments on the County’s Sustainable Land Development Code, Public Review Draft of September 2012. We received over 1,200 individual comments, all of which have been published to our website for public viewing at:

These comments reflect an incredible amount of thought and commitment. The County is in the process of evaluating the comments and will make recommendations on where edits to the draft code may be warranted. The County is still working on determining exactly how we will provide responses to public comments and when a new draft of the Sustainable Land Development Code will be available for public review. We will notify you all soon as this information is available.

Thank you again and we deeply appreciate all of the time, energy and thought you all have invested in this effort.


Penny Ellis-Green

Santa Fe County Growth Management Director

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