Emulating Tumblebugs Could Help Cover Progressive Scat

We are posting this piece to train folks to think outside of the “piles” of scat words left by progressives such as Chris Matthews, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others inclined to talk scat.

If you have lived around livestock or other animals, you may have happened upon a Tumblebug transporting food for itself and its progeny.  The Tumblebug is also called Scarab Beetle or Dung Beetle, the latter appellation should give a clue as to what Tumblebugs are working with and in for the duration of their time beginning when they hatch as larvae and begin their journey to “bughood,” or “beetledom.”  Stay with me.  This really is “molding,” into a correlation helpful to Conservatives.

In my mind, progressives can be assigned the role of a sphere of scat molded from the many stupid utterances they  pitch to Conservatives and other loyal Americans.  The Tumblebugs, assigned as clean-up crew, are akin to Conservatives arriving after a battle to bury the stinking progressives … somewhat as Obama did with terrorist Osama bin Laden.

There is a short 17 minute video found by clicking the link below.  If you access the link I’m certain you will find ways to continue the fight to rid the world of progressives — we just have to study beetles to beat the mammals bugging us.

So, advance Tumblebugs and rid the world of the piles of progressive scat tossed toward all areas of our formerly free Republic. Click below to watch an interesting piece of entertainment and education by Marcus Byrne on TED.com

The Dance Of The Dung Beetle

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