Two Years Ago Yesterday (12-14-2010)

Yesterday, 27 people were killed by an apparently deranged man, and yesterday two years ago, Brian Terry, a man who never stopped serving his country and fellow citizens … first as a United States Marine, next as a police officer in his hometown and finally as a United States Border Patrol Agent, was shot due to the actions of deranged members of the United States Attorney General’s office and a sizable number of federal enforcement officers. Agent Terry died two years ago today from the effects of his wounds.

While we cannot lay the actual slaying of Agent Terry on the US Attorney’s staff or members of a particular federal law enforcement agency under his jurisdiction, we can say their dereliction of duty and their stupid plots to interdict members of the Mexican drug cartel, put the weapon or weapons used to slay Agent Terry, squarely into the hands of the Mexican murderers.

We may never know with any exactitude, why the murderer in Connecticut started and completed such harm to his victims, their families and this nation; but we can say without a doubt, our government’s actions were driven by the desire to begin a journey which would eventually lead to some twisted proof for the severe control of firearms in this nation.

As is always the case, people are left with memories and grief for their losses and in the case of Agent Brian Terry, the man most complicit in the destruction of a hero, has never accepted responsibility, issued a personal apology or apologized for his employees’ actions.

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