Family Values In Legislature Tomorrow
Tomorrow will be the biggest day for family values in the legislature so far this year.  Several bills will be heard at the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee (CPAC) at 1:30pm, or a half hour after the House floor session adjourns.  Below is a description of each bill being heard.Please call AND email these committee members now and ask them to support HB 98, 122, 177 and reject House Joint Resolution 3.Rep. Eliseo Lee Alcon505-986-4844 , eliseoalcon@msn.comRep. Patricia Roybal Calballero


Rep. Gail Chasey


House Joint Resolution 3 would allow same sex marriage in New Mexico.

House Bill 98 – protects people violating their religious beliefs. For background information click here.

House Bill 122 would give comprehensive information to women seeking an abortion.

House Bill 177 would notify parents if their child seeks an abortion.

Please consider donating to TVAC-NM today at so we may continue to defend life, marriage and religious liberty!
Traditional Values Advocacy Committee
P.O. Box 1366
Flora Vista, New Mexico 87415


Nothing New — He’s Consistent In Wasting Money

He’ll travel most anywhere for a photo-op or vacation paid for by your scarce money.  At this moment, instead of taking care of real business, he is in Las Vegas, NV speaking to people at a high school.  The subject? His idea of immigration changes, never mind Congress already has a plan which includes a secure border … something absent from Obama’s plan.

Read the story found at this link and keep scratching your head like a pensive baboon might scratch his backside, as he puzzles at something which has gained his attention.

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Before & After Hillary



Hill On The Hill

Displaying The “Grand Maw” To The Right

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More On NM Representative Garcia’s Gun Law

The following information was sent to us by Jim Crawford. Please read both emails and then act accordingly. Also see yesterday’s article for additional information:

Yesterday I forwarded the comments I had sent to the House Judiciary Committee about the HB 77 gun control measure to be heard tomorrow 1/28. I received an excellent reply from Bill Rehm which I am forwarding FYI. Hopefully, some of you will add your voices and write to the committee before they meet tomorrow.
Later Jim

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: RE: Oppose HB 77 Firearms Transfer Act
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 03:03:03 +0000
From: Rehm, Bill <>
To: James Crawford <>

I have taken an oath to uphold and defend the US and NM Constitution. I take this oath very seriously and I believe that our forefathers placed great thought in the principles of these documents and placed in stone certain rights they did not want changed—our Second Amendment rights.
Representative Miguel Garcia introduced HB 77, ad after a quick read of this legislation I have several problems with it—most importantly that it violates our Second Amendment rights.
First, HB 77 would restrict all transfers and sales of firearms between private parties, including gun shows. Meaning that if you want to sell a firearm to a friend, family member or neighbor, you will now have to call the New Mexico Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Records Checks System and provide the make, model, caliber and serial number of the firearm in addition to the name, date of birth, race, sex and address of buyer as well as an optional social security number. The Department of Public Safety will then tell you whether or not you may sell the gun. Besides being unconstitutional, this bill assumes that criminals and others who do not follow the law will run the background check.
Furthermore, DPS will keep in its system a record of the information provided by the seller for 5 years. For comparison purposes, when a gun is purchased at a licensed retailer, the FBI is required to immediately delete all information associated with the federal check. Not so under HB 77, New Mexico will have its own database of lawful gun owners. This legislation also requires the seller to maintain records of the sale for five years. This puts the sensitive private information in the hands of other people. A poor records keeper, who improperly disposes of this information, would instantly put the identity of the buyer in jeopardy.
Finally, there are no user fees associated with the purchase of a firearm through a Federal Firearms (FFL) dealer. Yet, under HB 77, a citizen would be forced to pay a fee, up to $35, for the same transaction that does not exist through a FFL dealer. Simply put, this is a tax on firearms, one that criminals obviously will not pay.
Deplorable crimes, such as what happened at Sandy Hook, undoubtedly lead us to evaluate our laws and our society. The shooter in Connecticut broke numerous laws (5 Federal, 13 CT), including using a firearm that was legally purchased through a background check by his mother. The proposed changes to gun laws—while they may be well intended—are fueled by emotion and would do nothing to stop the types of crimes perpetrated at Sandy Hook. Instead, they would further inhibit lawful gun owners from legally owning firearms and penalizing them with a fee if they chose to do so.
Rather than creating more laws that punish law abiding citizens, I urge my fellow lawmakers to take a serious look at how we handle mental health in this country and direct our focus on changes that will truly make a difference. There are solutions that we can agree on that will lower gun crime in this country while at the same time protecting the precious right to keep and bear arms. I look forward to discussing those solutions as the session moves forward.
To put this in prospective when you currently purchase a firearm from a licensed gun dealer you complete a Federal 4473 form. Vice-president Joe Biden stated “we simply don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody who lies on a form, that checks a wrong box, that answers a question inaccurately.”
In 2010 there were 72,600 persons denied a firearm and just 44 prosecuted for their lie on the 4473 form.
Thank you for your input,
NRA Life Member

From: James Crawford []
Sent: Saturday, January 26, 2013 11:30 AM
To: Gail Chasey; Louis, Georgene; Eliseo Alcon; Cathrynn Brown; Zachary Cook; Easley, Stephen; Egolf, Brian; Fajardo, Kelly; Nate Gentry; Emily Kane; Antonio Maestas; Terry McMillan; Pacheco, Paul; Rehm, Bill; Lundstrom, Patricia;
Cc: Baldonado, Alonzo; Don Tripp; Michael Sanchez; Garcia, Miguel
Subject: Oppose HB 77 Firearms Transfer Act

HB 77 Firearms Transfer Act

New Mexico Legislature 2013 House Bill 77, Firearms Transfer Act, creates a massive new bureaucracy and record keeping nightmare by setting up a system for and requiring background checks for sale or transfer of firearms at any time and at any venue.

This bill is a typical knee jerk reaction by politicians in response to the past and recent horrible gun related tragedies. As usual, this bill provides hindrances and penalties to law abiding citizens going about their lawful activities. Not a single life would have been saved if this bill or others like it would have been in place.

None of the weapons used in the recent tragedies were purchased from private individuals in or outside of gun shows and been subject to this bill.

Politicians seem to believe that this kind of knee jerk reaction proves they are “doing something” no matter how burdensome, how ineffective, and how unconstitutional the action might be.

This bill is an affront to our constitutional rights both under the 2nd and 5th amendments. It interferes with our right to own firearms and their protection as part of our private property.

Beyond the fact that this bill should die a swift death just on constitutional ground, it is riddled with inconsistencies and abhorrent rules.

It is redundant with federal law. There is no need for items 1-7 in Section 2 A or A-G in Section 3. Item 8 and item H already define the prohibitions respectively.

It makes no provision for inheritance of guns from parents or grandparents if the heir happens to be less than 18 years old. Is the state going to confiscate this legally owned private property that is part of an estate?

Extremely stringent photo identification is required for transfer of a gun but ironically none is required to vote for the politicians imposing these rules on us! (Section 4 A6)

The costs and burden on the Department of Public Safety will be horrendous. How much staff and how many phone lines will be required? What documentation shows when a request is received (Section 4 E)? The Department is supposed to respond in 30 minutes but if they don’t make it, the Department can provide a time frame for response. So, in effect there are no time constraints on the Department. (Section 4 E)

What possible difference does it make if the transfer has not been completed in 24 hours (Section 4 D2)? It is unlikely a person’s criminal or mental condition is going to change in 24 hours. Years might be a concern but 24 hours is ludicrous.

Section 4 G establishes a gun registration scheme that not even the feds maintain. The Department is the registration agency for private gun sales but if a private sale is made at a gun show the seller also becomes a registration agency and has to maintain records for the government (Section 5 C).

There is no reasonable explanation for the differences in fees and requirements for forms between a person making a private sale at a gun show and a private sale outside of a gun show. A private sale is a private sale. It is obviously a discriminatory tactic against guns shows. It will encourage selling guns in the parking lot instead of inside the building.

James Crawford
19 Lucero Road
Los Lunas, NM 87031
505 864 7225

From Ralph & Susan Hill: Legislation To Support & Legislation Not To Support

Here are synopsis of some bills in the House.  Our friend, James Crawford, is closely evaluating these bills and provided these evaluations. James also closely follows deliberations at the Environmental Improvement Board.  We deeply trust his wisdom on these matters.  Could someone in Stephen Easley’s district send these to him?  It would be interesting to know his position.
 Ralph & Susan Hill
 Support HB 21 to require agendas be published at least 72 hours in advance of meetings. It is an improvement over the existing 24 hour requirement. Valencia County Commission gives 48 hour notice but often that is not adequate for people to be able to digest the agenda and contact their commissioners if desired. Often a weekend is included in the required time frames which is often a problem for some folks.
The thing that is still missing from the Open Meetings Act is any requirement for meaningful public input. The OMA provides for citizens to sit in on meetings but does not provide for comment or input. Valencia County allows people to comment at the end of the meetings but does not allow comment on agenda items as they are being considered. Comments can be made only after decisions have already been made.
The legislature’s own committee hearing procedures should be adopted as a rule at all levels. Any of us can come to committee meetings and have a chance to be heard before a decision is made. It is ironic that there is an inverse ratio in openess to the public as the level of government gets lower.
Support HB 13 – Criminal Acts as Public Corruption Offenses. This bill elevates conviction of certain offenses such as embezzlement, paying for services not received, submitting false vouchers, bribery, etc by officers of a public entity to a public corruption offense. Prison time and fines are increased and persons convicted are barred from contracting and lobbying. Corruption is rampant at all levels of government in NM. Unfortunately, this bill relies on conviction for it to take effect and since convictions are a rarity, it probably really won’t do much to stop corruption. However, it is a step in the right direction and if it makes people in public service give a little more consideration to the consequences of their actions, that will be a positive result.
Oppose HB 120 Locomotive Fuel Gross Receipts. This is an expansion of the GRT deductions for fuel previously enacted to facilitate the rail terminal construction at Santa Teresa. This bill now wants to give a similar deduction for any capital investment in the state by any railroad. It also reduces the threshold for eligibility from $100 million down to $50 million. This is just another special interest tax break with no economic analysis showing that tax revenues will increase or at least be neutral. It will most likely cause a decline in revenues that will have to be made up elsewhere. This just one of a plethora of bills already introduced that give GRT credits or exemptions. Only a flat GRT rate that applies to all equally can solve the problem of unfair treatment between entities and state government being in the business of picking corporate winners and losers.
Oppose HB 85 Geothermal Resource Leasing. The bill has a lot of good aspects in that it streamlines the process for leasing geothermal resources. However, it includes a section of environmental double speak that will essentially invalidate any leases. In Section 2, it classifies geothermal as a renewable resource which is fine, but it then goes on to say that the resource shall not be diminished beneath natural levels in quantity, quality, or temperature.  One cannot use something and not have an effect on its natural condition.
Oppose HB 128 Solar Facility Gross Receipts Definitions. This bill makes a previously horrible GRT deduction for solar generating facilities even worse. The existing statute has a 1 megawatt threshold for eligibility. This bill removes the minimum threshold so that any solar facility will qualify. Now we tax payers will help foot the bill for our neighbor’s gate openers, etc. for and use of solar panels for power. This is pushing tax payer robbery for solar way beyond any level of reasonableness.

Sessions Comments On Majority Relenting, Promising Senate Budget Mark-Up And Regular Order

January 23, 2013

For Immediate Release

Contact:  Stephen Miller,

Andrew Logan: 202.228.0575

 Sessions Comments On Majority Relenting, Promising Senate Budget Mark-Up And

Regular Order

 “I have repeatedly and emphatically called for an end to the Senate Democrats’ brazen legal defiance in this time of national fiscal emergency… To compel Senate action I have introduced legislation, blocked recess, and encouraged the use of the debt ceiling as leverage. Now, with their pay threatened, and long-simmering public anger growing, Senate Democrats have suddenly seen the light. Even just a few days ago, they were not willing to commit to doing a budget.”

 WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement today in response to the announcement that the Committee would begin work on what would be the Senate’s first budget resolution since 2009:

“I am gratified that Chairman Murray has announced that the Senate majority has relented and will offer its first budget in four years. Majority Leader Reid had previously said it would be ‘foolish’ to do a budget and his party cancelled the legally required Senate mark-up in 2011 and 2012—even after former Chairman Conrad had explicitly promised to bring up a budget in committee. I have repeatedly and emphatically called for an end to the Senate Democrats’ brazen legal defiance in this time of national fiscal emergency. I was frankly stunned that our new Chairman would say that Republicans ‘have time and again pulled budget negotiations out of the Budget Committees,’ when Senate Democrats alone control whether committee meetings occur. They alone decided to cancel them. The House, on the other hand, met its legal obligations.

To compel Senate action I have introduced legislation, blocked recess, and encouraged the use of the debt ceiling as leverage. Now, with their pay threatened, and long-simmering public anger growing, Senate Democrats have suddenly seen the light. Even just a few days ago, they were not willing to commit to doing a budget. The sooner the majority allows the budget process to move forward, the sooner meaningful debate can occur and the sooner the Senate can at last meet its legal and moral obligations. Secret meetings are an affront to popular democracy.

The way forward is for the House and the Senate to both lay out long-term financial plans and present them to the American people. In the past, Democrats refused to do so for political reasons, believing it better to attack the House while having no plan to present, explain, or defend.

Additionally, the Congressional Budget Office will present Congress with a new baseline on February 4, 2013. This baseline will reveal how much deficit reduction is needed to balance the budget in 10 years. I stand ready to immediately work with Chairman Murray on a budget in committee to meet this target by April 1st.

An honest evaluation of our debt course does not allow for gimmicks or other misleading maneuvers. For instance, when we talk about producing a balanced budget we mean exactly that: a budget that results in no deficit. We do not mean achieving ‘primary balance’ or a budget with a ‘balanced approach.’ Further, such gimmicks as counting phony reductions in war spending or double-counting Medicare revenues cannot be accepted as a part of any honest financial plan.

It certainly won’t be easy to put this nation on a sound financial course, but it is essential. Needed fiscal changes will not only prevent an economic nightmare but they will reduce growing poverty, dependency, and joblessness and help more Americans live free and prosperous lives. Republicans are eager to work on this important endeavor and look forward to the commencement of committee activity.

[NOTE: Although no committee activity has yet been scheduled, the legal deadline for the Budget Committee to complete its work on a budget resolution is April 1.]



Deficit Is To Big To Tote

English: GAO report image explaining interchan...
English: GAO report image explaining interchange fees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our Government Accounting Office (GAO) has, in no uncertain terms, advised the citizens of this country, the deficit is unsustainable.  The MSM has heard, but they do not intend to report the Obama Bad News to those having a serious need to know. YOU!

So, Breitbart’s Big Journalism, as always, will do the leg-tingling Matthews’, scat-spewing Schultz’s and other bed-wetters’ jobs for them.  Here’s an article to help the MSM and the ordinary citizen understand just how duplicitous we can become under the tutelage of the great deceiver. Check it out from the link below:

Deficit To Much To Tote

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Words About Protecting Our Children Ring Hollow

When spoken by a president and his progressives with dead babies stacked-up against the walls of abortion mills like so many monuments to our cruelty.

I had trouble focusing on the messages during yesterday’s inauguration process as I knew thousands of unborn babies would be aborted without their permission … indeed; without the slightest consideration as to their best interest.  And that is speaking for this one solitary day, to be followed by more murders day in and day out, the world over.

Because you see, that is how some in our society protect our youth, born or to be born. I copied the following narrative from LifeNews.  I hope you will consider its message and act accordingly

Almost 56 Million Abortions Since Roe

Dear Readers,

The United States marks 40 years of legalized abortion in all fifty states at any time for any reason throughout pregnancy on Tuesday. That’s the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

Did you know, that since that fateful decision by nine men on the Supreme Court, almost 56 million unborn children have lost their lives. Since that time, there have been approximately 55,772,015 abortions that have destroyed the lives of unborn children.

Looked at another way, that’s 1.394 million abortions each and every year in our great nation. It’s 116,191 abortions each and every month in all 50 states. The math breaks down to 26,813 abortions each and every week nationwide. And every day, that’s 3,820 abortions.

Almost 4,000 children have died in America from abortions each and every day since 1973.

You and I both know that if abortion weren’t such a politically correct subject couched in clouded terms like “choice” and “women’s rights” or “women’s health,” every single person in our country would be up in arms. But Tuesday will pass like any other day for most Americans, who won’t give abortion a second thought — unless they happen to catch a rare but likely one-sided news report noting the anniversary.

Such news reports won’t have any of these numbers — because to talk about the reality of abortion and the millions of babies abortions have killed in 40 years is an acknowledgement that something is wrong. It’s allowing viewers to see abortion from the correct perspective, that someone is brutally victimized each and every time.

But LifeNews won’t let those numbers go by. LifeNews highlighted those numbers on Friday just as we highlight the travesty of abortion each and every day as the only news service in the nation specifically devoted to pro-life issues.

Will you help LifeNews continue to remain the number one pro-life web site on the Internet? Our educational, news, and opinion reports bring the truth about abortion to millions of people each and every week and we can’t keep people updated and educated without your help.

Perhaps you can provide us with a donation to recognize the babies killed by abortions over 40 years. Would you consider a $40 donation to remember them? Or perhaps you can support us with a $139.40 donation to mark the abortions that happen each year. A donation of 116.19 would help remember the babies killed every month.

Or maybe you can give $26.81 to remember the unborn children destroyed each week. A $38.20 donation pays your respect to the babies killed in abortions each and every day.

Whatever donation value you choose when you support LifeNews, know that we will continue to speak for the voiceless each and every day. To make a donation, just head to our easy online donation page that will take you to two different options to make an online donation with your credit card or an electronic debit transaction.

Or, you can fill out the form following this letter and mail a check to us (US readers only). We have to remember the little babies killed in abortions. The media won’t, most politicians won’t, many churches won’t. If you won’t, who will?


Steven Ertelt, Editor

P.S. You can make an electronic donation here or use the form below to print and mail it with a check. —————————————————————————— We will support the work of with a $_____ donation. Please mail your check to:, PO Box 270841 Fort Collins, CO 80527. Name __________________________________________________ Address _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ City ____________________ State ____ Zip __________________ Email Address ____________________________________________ Friend’s Email Address(es) __________________________________ will never sell/rent your name and address to anyone and we do not place you on a telemarketing list when you donate.

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