When Might A Supercomputer Be Stupid

If you have followed The Rio Grande Foundation and their blog, Errors of Enchantment, you will know our much vaunted supercomputer, tagged with the ridiculous and thought to be cute moniker Encanto, was a stupid move by the Richardson administration and many in our New Mexico House and Senate. Not only would you know the foregoing, but you would know the Rail Runner and very likely, the out of this world Spaceport are also more eels for the barrel of eels slithering around this state.

For those of you having the bad fortune of not being able to keep up with Bill and the bills he left us, you can follow the link below to find much of what you may have missed and in turn, I promise not to throw anymore bad news your way until next year.  Seriously.

Bill Richardson - Caricature

Bill Richardson – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

When Is A Supercomputer Stupid

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