Would Biden In Black Face Be Any Worse

The video below shows Uncle Joe as he speaks to newly elected Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) and members of the Senator’s family.  Uncle Joe attempts to show he is a common man by affecting an accent and pattern of speech out of his reach and purely out of line given the people to which he speaks.  I can almost guarantee if a Republican or Conservative performed in the same manner, the MainScreams and other progressives would have tried to make something akin to public whipping of such an episode and the word “racist” would be part of the accusation..

Biden is not a common man, he is a lawyer, and some would say, a polished politico.  You look and listen and decide for yourself:

You Tell ‘Em Joe

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English: Congressional Portrait of Tim Scott (...

English: Congressional Portrait of Tim Scott (R-SC) for the 113 United States congress. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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