Legislators: Thoughts For Thinking Out Of The Box

The list of Support/Oppose found below has ideas and statements that are food for thought. Whether all conservatives can agree with every statement is doubtful and concerning the validity of the last “Oppose,” it can be argued whether conservatives love or hate gross receipts tax.

Given most municipalities and counties finance a great deal of their services and capital improvements utilizing gross receipts tax would mean citizens would need a replacement source to see the proper funding of local government should gross receipts taxes be abandoned.. Another  issue is whether “businesses” pay, or simply remit the tax paid by their customers, and how the burden of accounting prior to submission to the state might be reduced.

Regardless of the validity of  the information on the flyer as a whole, when a state (New Mexico) has 1.53 public employees for every one private sector employee, something is seriously amiss. This statistic does not include federal sector employees, so the disparity is even more telling.

If the flier does nothing more than stir-up ideas for discussion and legislative consideration, it could get us off dead-center or away from purely progressive measures that contribute to New Mexico’s continuing economic demise. Please check the related articles after the flier.


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