Family Values In Legislature Tomorrow
Tomorrow will be the biggest day for family values in the legislature so far this year.  Several bills will be heard at the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee (CPAC) at 1:30pm, or a half hour after the House floor session adjourns.  Below is a description of each bill being heard.Please call AND email these committee members now and ask them to support HB 98, 122, 177 and reject House Joint Resolution 3.Rep. Eliseo Lee Alcon505-986-4844 , eliseoalcon@msn.comRep. Patricia Roybal Calballero


Rep. Gail Chasey


House Joint Resolution 3 would allow same sex marriage in New Mexico.

House Bill 98 – protects people violating their religious beliefs. For background information click here.

House Bill 122 would give comprehensive information to women seeking an abortion.

House Bill 177 would notify parents if their child seeks an abortion.

Please consider donating to TVAC-NM today at so we may continue to defend life, marriage and religious liberty!
Traditional Values Advocacy Committee
P.O. Box 1366
Flora Vista, New Mexico 87415


Nothing New — He’s Consistent In Wasting Money

He’ll travel most anywhere for a photo-op or vacation paid for by your scarce money.  At this moment, instead of taking care of real business, he is in Las Vegas, NV speaking to people at a high school.  The subject? His idea of immigration changes, never mind Congress already has a plan which includes a secure border … something absent from Obama’s plan.

Read the story found at this link and keep scratching your head like a pensive baboon might scratch his backside, as he puzzles at something which has gained his attention.

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