Vittles For Thinking Or Food For Thought

The following is posted with permission of D.J. Glenn:

To All,

I am very grateful for the efforts of David Harris, the Albuquerque Tea Party and the efforts of the many who work to educate others about the issues we face. While many of these issues are of a local nature, I believe the more serious are of a national nature, Chief among these issues is the very probable loss of our right to govern ourselves at the national and ultimately at the state level which encompasses the local levels as well. That also means the total loss of what remains of our Constitution and our Republic.

As someone who has participated in the educational efforts for a number of years, it is quite encouraging to see the exponential increase in the number of people who ‘get it’, since 2006. The Ron Paul Campaign of 2008 inspired to a great extent the birth of the tea parties and that added numbers that we could before only dream of. While across the nation, we have realized some gains and won some battles within some of our cities, counties and at our state houses, our net gain at the national level is minimal at best. We can accept the fact that we are out numbered, but we shouldn’t ignore the fact that the Party that claims to be “conservative” is also the party that continues to re-define “conservatism”.

With the recent re-election of Reince Priebus as Chairman of the RNC by a 166 to 2 vote margin, it is obvious that the freedom movement is not represented on the RNC. The two dissenting votes were cast for Maine National Committeeman and Ron Paul supporter, Mark Willis by members of the Maine delegation.  As a result of the NMGOP’s behavior at past state conventions and even some county conventions, the National GOP’s treatment of Ron Paul at two National Conventions, and the U.S. House’s shift to the left, we clearly see that while our votes are welcomed, our agenda is not.

 I will argue that the freedom movement should seriously consider making some major changes in the GOP’s structure, rules and/or attitude. If that isn’t an option, then there is little to lose and a lot of potential for gain in finding a new home.  I’m will not recommend a particular ‘new home’, but will point out that the Constitution Party is grandfathered in within many states, including NM, which means they already have ballot access, which the Libertarian Party doesn’t have. I believe 2013 should be a time of reflection and consideration of a different approach. Who knows, the results might be different!


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