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Week of Mon.; Feb. 03, 2013

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Republican Party of Santa Fe Legislative Session Newsletter

Dear Charles,
Sorry this Newsletter Update is so late.  We ran into many problems getting Legislative Committee Calendar Information.  Hope all the links in the text work because didn’t have time to check them.
Gun legislation is like a bad penny–you can’t get rid of it!   Rep. Garcia’s House Bill 77 Firearms Transfer Act has been reincarnated. There will be a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee TOMORROW; MONDAY; FEB. 3; AT 1:30 pm or half hour after the House Floor Session.
We include information on bills that we believe will be of interest.  Check these links for complete Committee Hearing Schedules
All meeting times are subject to change.  See you at the Roundhouse!!
Your Executive Committee
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House & Senate Sessions
The New Mexico House and Senate usually convene daily between 10:00 am and 10:30 am.Click on the following links for House and Senate Daily Calendars:House Floor Sessions

Senate Floor Sessions

Web Casting:  Floor Sessions and many Committee Hearings are Web Cast.  Click on this link:

Web Casting


Monday; Feb. 4
8:00 am to 4:00 pm Rotunda:  Earth Sciences Day–Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources 8:00 am  Senate/House Joint Education Committee Room 317  HB 3  Education Appropriation Act


8:00 am  House Energy & Natural Resources Committee Room 309  HB 149 Light Bulb Mercury Exposure Dangers


9:00 am  Senate Education Committee Room 311 Education Budgets


9:00 am Senate Rules Committee Room 321 


1:30 pm Senate Finance Committee Room 322

1:30 pm or 30 min after Floor Session House Judiciary Committee Room 309

HB 77 Firearms Transfer Act

1:30 p.m.  House Taxation and Revenue Committee Room 317


1:30 pm Senate Appropriations & Finance Committee Room 307  Spaceport Authority Budget

2:00 pm Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee Room 311

2:30 pm or 1/2 hour after Session Senate Judiciary Committee Room 321

Tuesday; Feb. 5
School Board & School Bond Elections!
8:00 am  Senate Indian and Cultural Affairs Committee Room 3038:00 am  House Voters and Elections Committee Room 305HB 219 Adequate Election Day Polling Place Staff

8:30 am House Health, Government & Indian Affaors Commmittee Room 309

8:30 am  House Transportation and Public Works Committee Room 315

HB 43 Prohibit Messaging While Driving


1:30 pm Senate Finance Committee Room 322

1:30 pm House Labor and Human Resources Committee Room 305

HJR 6 Increase Minimum Wage Annually

1:30 pm House Appropriations and Finance Committee Room 307

1:30 pm or half hour after Floor Session House Business and Industry Committee

HB 137 Concealed Guns in Liguor Establishments

HB 175 Suspension of Utilities for Deployed Military

HB 180 Military and Spouses Professional Licensure

1:30 pm or after Floor Session  House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee Room 315

HB 190 State Ethics Commission Act

HB 44 Prohibit Double Per Diem Payments

2:00 pm  or half hour after Floor Session Senate Conservation Committee Room 31

Wednesday; Feb. 6
8:30 am  House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee  Room 318 1:30 pm  Senate Finance Committee Room 322

2:00 pm  House Education Sub-Committee Room 318

Thursday; Feb 7
8:00 am to 4:00 pm  Santa Fe Community College–Department Booths 8:00 am  House Voters and Elections Committee Room 305

HB 225 Electronic Voter Registration Updates


1:30  pm House Appropriations and Finance Committee  Room 307

HB 139  Reduce Workers’ Comp Payment for Drug Use


Friday; Feb 8
No meetings scheduled as of Saturday; Jan 26

Saturday; Feb 09
No meetings scheduled as of Saturday; Jan 26 12:00 Noon to 1:00 pm  Stories of the Land of Enchantment

Other Stuff
Wednesday; Feb 6:  Federalist Society Event ; Noon (lunch provided); UNM School of Law; Room 2401; Professor Richard Duncan, U. of Nebraska College of Law.  Should the courts interpret the Constitution as understood by the framers or as an evolving document to reflect the needs and values of modern society?
Friday; Feb. 8:  Stand Your Ground–Not One More Inch Rally; 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; East Entrance of the Roundhouse

Tuesday; Feb 19:  Republican Party of SF County February Meeting; 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.; SF Woman’s Club; 1616 Old Pecos Trail


Contacting Legislators
Know Your New Mexico Legislature
Know Your New Mexico Legislature
Elected Officials like to hear from the public–it’s one of the most important parts of their jobs.  They can be contacted in person; by email; by phone; through letters to the editor.  No matter how you contact them, please

remember to be courteous–much easier to attract flies with honey than vinegar!

  1. In Person:

    Find out where the Legislator’s Office is located by referring to the directories in the lobby of both entrances to the Roundhouse (When you get in the elevator remember that the lobbies are actually the 2nd floor).  If you enter the Roundhouse by the EAST entrance, you can ask the Information Desk on the right where Legislators Offices are.

  2. By Email; Phone; Snail Mail:  Go to theLegislative Webpage ; find “members” on the left; go to “Find Your Legislator”; search for the Legislator in the House or Senate; click on the picture–the Legislator’s contact information will magically appear!
  3. Through Letters to the Editor:  Use the links on the left at the top of this Newsletter for the New Mexican, SF Reporter; and Albuquerque Journal.

News Links
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