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Dear Chuck:New Mexico is poised to make an exciting change that would transfer our public lands from federal control and put their management and revenue back in the hands of New Mexicans!House Bill 292, Transfer of Public Land Act, will have a first hearing in the NM House Agriculture and Water Resources Committee this Friday, February 8, at 8:30 AM, Room 318 of the Roundhouse.That committee needs to hear from us to ensure this bill moves forward! Public Lands are best managed closer to home. Use the Take Action button to send the committee a note!Americans for Prosperity supports HB 292. This bill, very simply, makes a claim to the land, gives the federal government time to grant it to the state and directs NM to study the detail of how we would acquire the land if there is no action and how much it would cost/benefit the state. The process of transfer of authority has been successful in other states. This brings a potential of incredible increases in revenues to the state for the benefit of the state. It does not, as some opponents are saying, call to privatize or sell any of New Mexico’s public lands.Click here to tell committee members they should pass this bill!

By doing so, you’ll help New Mexicans learn the best way to reclaim the land we all know and believe is our land.

If you would like more information on why Americans for Prosperity supports HB 292, Click Here to read why we believe it will be a boon to New Mexico’s economy and future.

AFP-NM fully supports HB 292, and we hope you will ask your lawmaker to do so as well.

Thank you for all you do to support economic freedom!


Joseph Montes

State Director
Americans for Prosperity – New Mexico

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