Madole Easily Takes Easley To The Wood Shed

This is posted with permission of Chuck Madole, a resident of the Edgewood area living in Torrance County. 

My opposition to this bill is not intended to be a diatribe about the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution; it is about terrible proposed legislation. The first knee jerk reaction I had when I read the bill was that Mr. Easley was simply cloaking himself in the liberal righteousness of his base in Eldorado rather than representing his entire District 50 to which he was recently elected. It surprised me that his first shot out of the barrel, so to speak, was this bill. In trying to think a little deeper, however, I wondered how in the world the legislator was able to craft such a document in the brief period since the elections.

I put my thinking cap on and considered the national scene–a number of tragedies throughout the country over the past year or two, proposed federal legislation, the President’s undefined gun control proposals, the harsh and useless legislation just passed in New York State (which HB 402 resembles in part), and have concluded that our great state of New Mexico is now the laboratory rat for gun control advocates nationwide. I think these advocates are loading legislators up with outrageous language just to see what can be accomplished and how far they can go. New Mexico is merely one of the first legislative sessions around the country to convene after the last tragedy. Is the intent to present outrageous legislation to the Governor to force a veto? I am just cynical enough to think that. Then the liberal elements can roar and shout in an attempt to embarrass a conservative governor who is becoming prominent on the national stage.

The elements of Mr Easley’s bill pertain solely to physical attributes of firearms and control of same. Nowhere is there any mention of attempting to assure background check records include mental illness. From what has been disclosed in the media the three shooters in the Giffords, Aurora and Newtown tragedies are all apparently unbalanced in one form or another. Addressing mental illness will require thoughtful and sensitive discourse to cover the subject with regard to background checks and still preserve an individual’s right to medical privacy. That is best left to the feds.

Another aspect of Mr Easley’s bill is that a gun owner cannot sell, give or otherwise dispose of a firearm and must be able to prove ownership of said firearm. Let’s say I have an old firearm handed down to me by a relative, now passed on. How can I prove ownership? I cannot hand it down to one of my children? Were this bill to be passed into legislation, Mr Easley, you will have just created a state of lawbreakers. I will be damned if I will be prevented from handing down family heirlooms, an old firearm in this case, to the next generation!

The bill is replete with flaws; I have addressed a few of them. My recommendation is for Mr Easley to withdraw this and concentrate on real issues of the state. What about the economy? New Mexico is one of about a dozen states in which more than half of the available working population is on welfare. Compare business taxes with the states around us and see how we stack up in competing for business moving to the state. Those are hard and difficult subjects and not very ‘sexy’, but they are vital for our well being.


Chuck Madole


Thanks and a flip of the flat cap to Mr. Madole

Map of New Mexico highlighting Torrance County

Map of New Mexico highlighting Torrance County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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