From: Traditional Values Advocacy Committee

We are posting this with permission.  We hope you will help in any way you are able and know your involvement will help our society to awaken to the evil surrounding us.


The 2013 legislative session was an interesting one. Most of our friends think it was one of the better ones. However, when it comes to our values concerning life, marriage, and religious liberty, we saw almost no movement in either direction.Why?  We have almost an even number of legislators on either side of Biblical worldview for New Mexico.  To start seeing change in our direction, we need to win more seats next November. The other side is working harder than ever to defeat us. We need Christians in New Mexico to get involved.You can help us succeed by doing three things:


1. Forward this to your friends personally telling them what we do and how they can get involved.  They can sign up for our alerts by clicking here.

2. Donate.  Focus on the Family and Citizen Link, a Focus affiliate, want to become fully affiliated with us.  These world class organizations would bring incredible financial support, name recognition, and strategic planning to us in a way New Mexico has never seen. Can you give a one time or monthly gift to help us reach our $100,000 goal to bring them here?  We’re already over half way there!

Donate here online.  You can also mail a check to TVAC-NM – PO Box 1366, Flora Vista, NM 87415.

3. Host an open house.  Do you have a group of like-minded friends who would love to get involved? We have great speakers who can come to your venue anywhere.  Email or call Chris Donnelly for more information/availability ( or 505.577.5399).

Thank you for partnering with us on Biblical worldview issues here in New Mexico – we’re here to serve you and your family!

Traditional Values Advocacy Committee
P.O. Box 1366
Flora Vista, New Mexico 87415