$700 Million Down A Rancid Rat’s Hole

This missing $700 million mentioned in the title is not the first mass waste or theft of money which has been seen under the Obama administration and we have to say, similar events have occurred under previous administrations.  This mess (Katrina) started under the G.W. Bush administration and still continue into the second term of Obama.

We have seen a Mayor of New Orléans indicted on fraud charges in connection to his (Ray Nagen’s) mismanagement and criminal endeavors.

You will find a narrative and a video story regarding the so-called disappearance of the $700 million by clicking on the video found under Nagen’s image below:

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin during a roundtabl...

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin during a roundtable with small business owners and community leaders in New Orleans, La. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

$700 million fraudulently disappears

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