Jesus Was And Is Involved In Politics

The following may not impact on the atheists or agnostics; however for those Christians among us, it may well be the fuel to push us out of the doldrums and propel us into the reality of what we must do to truly follow our Lord as he was and is.

The title happens to be a reflection of what I believe.  More importantly, it is the belief of an Apologist I have come to respect for his knowledge of our Bible and our Lord.  He has also made presentations before Tea Party organizations (more in the future) therefore he has tea party concepts in common with us.

Neil Mammen is the author of Jesus Was  Is Involved In Politics! Why aren’t You?  Why Isn’t Your Church?  Whether reading or listening to Mr. Mammen’s words, it is next to impossible to walk away without a strong belief in what he proffers about Jesus and Politics.  In fact, I am overjoyed in knowing I have our Lord’s permission to act as he has done and is still doing.

Mr. Mammen has graciously granted permission for my use of some of his work.  He has done so without any expectation of monetary return or other material reward.  His generosity is based solely on my promise to use his work for the Glory of God.  I know I will keep my promise … I pray I will live up to Mr. Mammen’s expectations.

Just below you will find links to an audio and a narrative which sufficiently supports his contention shown as the title of his book.

He Was Involved In Politics (audio)

He Was Involved In Politics (text)

If your interest is piqued in the least, I suggest you follow the link below for more information on the book and other valuable resource links:

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