You Can Call, Email Or Blog The Apology

One of our earnest, or was it actually Ernest detractors, excoriated us for a series of posts on Pigfod I and Pigford II.  His criticisms were tiring and uninteresting at the time and we left him to argue with himself.  The articles we posted contained video and audio verifying and/or supporting the accusations made about many of the fraudulent claims and other actions by some of the Pigford claimants, their attorneys and perhaps government employees.  While we had no problem with the sources, our detractor did, choosing to call Andrew Breitbart and his employees less than honest and grabbing everything Media Matters for America, a progressive site supported by rich progressives, had to say against Breitbart., After which, it was piled it up as the epitome of righteousness.

Now a member of the mainphelm media has finally posted their own investigation and they have indicated Breitbart was correct and not a dishonest journalist as our detractor has indicated as he and others carry water for the Pigford claimants. It is reported Media Matters has deigned to place their apology at the feet of Mr. Breitbart’s successors and former co-workers.

We don’t expect an apology from our detractor, but our personal email address and  cellphone number are still the same.  Oh, did we mention not one single person ever stepped forward to claim the $100,000 smackers reward Andrew Breitbart offered for proof the “N,” word was hurled at federal legislators as they walked back after signing the bill known as ObamaCare.  But, actually the story of those allegations is another story altogether.

So here we are down to linking to the New Your Times and their reporter/reporters work. We hope everyone … we do mean everyone, sees fit to read it and the related articles below:

 Piggy I & Piggy II

The above link will take you to the Breitbart site which will link to the NY Times work.