An Apolitical IRS … Nah

A half-brother of our resident president looks to have received accelerated tax-exempt status for a bogus, or perhaps, non-bogus “charity,”  The name of the foundation, “The Barack H Obama Foundation,”

According to reports, this half-brother was Obama’s “best man” when POTUS married FLOTUS.  There are accusations, perhaps verified fact, that this kinfolk seduced his 12th wife when she was 17 years of age.  Also, people inquiring about the charity have had great difficulty tracing any good the charity has performed.

The half-brother, not only received rapid r for his “charity,” the charity has received retroactive approval for the years it operated outside the law before approval was first sought. This filthy maneuvering really seems to touch Obama and his progressive minions. But, our president has scales over his eye.

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