Eric Holder Denies Allowing Pigford Fraud Before Congress

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Lee Stranahan
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Attorney General Eric Holder faced questions from Iowa Republican Steve King on May 15th about the fraudulent Pigford black farmers settlement and told the congressman that steps had been taken to limit fraud.

However, the Attorney General’s Department of Justice created similar settlements for women and Hispanic/Latino farmers using the same low standard of proof that led to so much fraud in the original black farmers settlement, undermining his objection.

Rep. King asked AG Holder to comment on the recent front-page New York Times story about the fraud, and the Attorney General said:

I think that the article missed a few things; that there are steps that we have in place to limit the amount of fraud that goes on there, both in terms of getting sworn statements from claimants, from doing audits, there are a variety of things we have in place to ensure…

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