CEPEDA: Whole Foods Language Policy Was Inclusive

Tony Lee of Brietbart.com writes some and quotes some.  See it below:

A nationally syndicated columnist and NBC Latino contributor believes that Whole Foods’s policy of requiring its employees to speak English at work is not only inclusive but also just plain “common sense.”

Esther Cepeda rebukes those who jumped to conclusions and called Whole Foods “discriminatory,” “anti-diversity,” and “racist” for suspending two employees with pay for the “rude and disrespectful” way in which they complained about the company’s policy requiring them to speak English on the job.

Contrary to initial reports, Whole Foods said the employees were not suspended for speaking Spanish, nor were they told they could not speak Spanish; at least “17 employees who attended the meeting at which the language policy was discussed” confirmed that fact. The company’s policy allows employees to speak Spanish during breaks or with other customers if “all parties present agree that a different language is their preferred form of communication.”

Cepeda, though, brings up an even more important question: even if Whole Foods prohibited employees from speaking Spanish, she asks, “what’s the problem?”

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 Now, LULAC has requested a meeting in Albuquerque with Whole Food executives,, saying they have received telephone reports of ill-treatment of Hispanic customers in other states at Whole Food Stores.

League of United Latin American Citizens

League of United Latin American Citizens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any guesses or bets on how this will all end?