Fouling The Nest Of Nations

Our president, not being content with trying to “fundamentally change,” the United States Of America, travels the world with his crusade to change the definition of marriage.  Fortunately, some of those he would deceive are having none of his nest fouling.

Aside from Obama’s wasting billions of dollars on his and his family’s grand excursions, he is wasting the time and resources of other nations.   The following story from is an example of how his advocacy for same-sex marriage is being rejected:

Kenyan Cardinal John Njue, Archbishop of Nairobi and president of the Kenyan Episcopal Conference, joined other African leaders last week in open dismissal of President Obama’s urging to accept same-sex marriage.

“Those people who have already ruined their society…let them not become our teachers to tell us where to go,” said Njue in response to Obama’s statements promoting same-sex marriage. “I think we need to act according to our own traditions and our faiths.”

The above is a good illustration of how unimpressed many African leaders are with Obama and his silly ideas.  The rest of the story can be read from the link below.

Obama’s Gay Marriage Missions