He And His Kind

English: A cotton field in Texas, USA

English: A cotton field in Texas, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Why A Picture Of Cotton — They Raise A Lot Of It In The Texas Panhandle

If you were a country kid living in cotton country before the advent of mechanical pickers, you probably picked cotton AND chopped it, hoed it and verbally blasted it as the hot sun beat down on your head  chapping your lips and burning what skin you exposed.

I grew up in New Mexico cotton country located in the Southeast quadrant, just 18 miles south of Roswell in Dexter.  Most of us in the area had a simple and uncomplicated lifestyle.  Those young folk who found work off of farms and ranches felt they were fortunate and that is why I was elated when Jim Grassie hired me to work in his full-service gas station.  What great work for a boy and what a great boss.  That’s where I first washed and changed oil in a New Mexico State Police unit.  Perhaps at 14 or 15 some of the character of the unit rubbed off on me and from that point I was destined to become one of the black and gray.  My story has no real connection to the folks you’ll see and hear in the video.  I’m just sharing enough to let you know that I am able to understand why and how He And His Kind have done things that were not altogether mundane.

When you hear and/or see the words shown in the title, you start looking for bad people such as robbers, murderers and crooked politicians

You would be unwise to look for such in the video shown below.  What you can expect to see is a man and his wife of the type found in abundance once-upon-a-time.  Their type still exist … at least for a vwhile.

Pray for these folks and others like them and thank the LORD for them;  and, pray there will be more in this nation — eventually.

Thanks to the Texas Country Reporter for a great batch of memories and recollections: