From Sierra County Patriots

Howdy Patriots!
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Las Cruces Tea Party General Meeting will be held this Saturday, August 17, 2013 at 6:30 PM at the Mountain View Christian Church at 231 Three Crosses Avenue in Las Cruces.

The special guest speaker will be Congressman Steve Pearce.  Get there early and bring your friends. 
Send the invitation to your email list.  This is a change from our usual meeting night.  This will be conducted similar to a Town Hall format and there will be a question and answer period.
Email me if you are interested in going down and maybe some folks can carpool.  We have to participate and keep up the momentum!!!!
1)  Pam Wolfe with American’s for Prosperity did an AWESOME job presenting economics trends in the US and NM and how we can get involved…will we???  We had a great turn out and would like to thank Patrick Kohs and the Sentinel for sharing our cause with the community.  She will be doing a Social Media 101 Class soon so keep your eye out! I know we never pay you much Pam but know you are making a difference in the Conservative movement in Truth or Consequences!  Come join us if we can get a booth off the ground for Sierra County Fair in October 10-13!  Americans for Prosperity is having a conference in the last weekend of August in Orlando!!
There is a parade in Elephant Butte Saturday September 7th with an adventure theme….be thinking about if this is something we want to participate in and who might step up to the plate to lead it…several team of leaders would be even better.  Again, activities like this get people thinking about the conservative TEA party cause and, with lots of flags, get people thinking about America.
9.11 is coming up, Patriots Day, we might consider a flag wave on that Wednesday.   In DC they are organizing a 1 million muslim march on 9/11…I think we need to give them some competition!!!    Veterans day is coming up as well…be thinking!  We need leaders to step up to lead!
The Sierra County fair is coming up this fall, October 10-13, and it would be great to have a booth so we need to start planning soon….decorating it and manning it and womening it.  We need leaders to step up to lead!  I will be out of town but can help put things together.
It is a great opportunity to interact with the community and share what the TEA Party is all about.  We can also encourage folks to register to vote….the next election is just a little over a year away.  Maybe Pam will join us as well : )  Her game show spinner was a hit at the Fiesta!
5)  Please consider signing this petition online!
God bless and keep marching!  Please send this out to your email buddies….Liberals too!  : )  I imagine those that did not read the healthcare bill are wondering why this is all screwed up and they may give you an ear instead of an earful!!!  : )
 Email me if you are interested in going to Las Cruces tomorrow and email me if you are interested in leading a team or want to be on a team for the upcoming events!!!!        mario