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We are pleased to bring this article to you as it sounds more like a progressive New Mexico initiative than something happening in Red Texas.  Our thanks to Texas Values for letting us help pass the word:

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Citizens Overwhelm San Antonio City Council Against Ordinance
On Wednesday, the San Antonio City Council publicly discussed the ordinance for the first time, admitting that the city has no evidence of any discrimination based upon an individual’s sexual orientation and gender identity. City Attorney Michael Bernard answered questions about the ordinance, and his answers caused more doubt and concern about the ordinance’s legal status and ability to hold up in court. It was also clear from the testimony of multiple individuals that LGBT groups want “bathroom protection” for transgendered persons.
Concerned citizens wearing blue swarmed the council chambers in opposition to the ordinance and for over six hours expressed serious concerns about how the ordinance would attack private businesses, stifle free speech, trample on religious liberty, and potentially create safety concerns in public-use bathrooms and changing facilities. It was clear that a super-majority of citizens were there to express concerns and stand in opposition to the ordinance.
Watch Wednesday’s press conference of San Antonio faith, legal, and business leaders uniting against the radical ordinance:
San Antonio press conference video clip (550 w)
Next Steps: The City Council is expected to potentially vote on the ordinance next Thursday, September 5. If you are in the San Antonio area, some of our friends are organizing a “Let My Values Speak Day” on Tuesday, September 3 to encourage people to visit their council member’s district office. Get the details here. And there will be another “Citizens to be Heard” session in front of the council on Wednesday, September 4.
More State Leaders Condemn Radical Ordinance
Three more state leaders have condemned the controversial proposed ordinance in San Antonio that extends so-called non-discrimination protection to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in a way that stifles free speech and tramples on religious liberty. State Sen. Donna Campbell, whose district includes a portion of San Antonio, State Sen. Dan Patrick, and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples have joined a growing group of state leaders, that include U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Greg Abbott, and State Rep. Ken Paxton and Dan Branch in opposing the proposed ordinance. Read their statements.
Obama Administration Undermines State Marriage Laws
The IRS and Treasury Department announced this week that “married” same-sex couples will be allowed to file joint tax returns and receive tax benefits, including in the majority of states like Texas that do not recognize homosexual marriage. This ruling subverts the rule of law in states like Texas that only recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman and show that the Obama administration is attempting to unlawfully force homosexual “marriage” on the public. Read more.
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