You May Have Met The Son … Now Meet The Father

Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am in Orlando, Florida, where after two days of attendance at an event conducted by Americans For Prosperity,  I was fortunate to hear and see Texas State Senator, Ted Cruz.  If you follow politics at all, you know Senator Cruz is a powerful and compelling speaker about conservative ideals.  His message today was a simple and straight forward message on how to get out of our heads the deep, throbbing sense of malaise  and foreboding we have come to feel under this Obama administration.  It seems, rather it actually feels, as though there is a leviathan roiling the waters of our life as it splashes about in the oceans surrounding the people of this planet.

His message to this administration and this congress was, “Listen to the people.”  As I said before, hearing and seeing him was fortunate.  Right after I returned to my lodging, I found an email from a friend which contained a URL.  My friend asked me to follow the URL, and further wrote the father of Ted Cruz was the speaker in the video accessed with the URL.  I did as my friend requested, and I was pleased to find in the case of Ted Cruz, the acorn certainly didn’t fall far from the tree, and it was plain the oratory skills of the father has passed to the son.

Here is the video, please access it and see if you come to my conclusion:

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2 thoughts on “You May Have Met The Son … Now Meet The Father

  1. It was great to have you join us in Orlando, Chuck! I think you shared the crowd’s response to Senator Cruz. His conversation with us was inspiring. It was certainly an all star cast in Orlando, with Cruz being joined by the likes of Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Rick Perry, Sen Ron Johnson and Sen Marco Rubio….and who could forget Michelle Malkin and Greg Gutfeld? We look forward to doing a lot more inspirational things right here in NM! I look forward to our working together on many projects!

    • I look forward to helping in any possible area I can handle. Enthusiasm of those attending was obvious and I’m certain the fires will continue to ignite to carry us to victory on the issues to which we subscribe.

      Thanks for all of your help and do not fail to ask for my help.

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